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Original British ww2 uniform?

Article about: Im wondering if the uniform, the insignia, cap, belt, pants and tie are all original ww2? im doubting if maybe some things are post-ww2. Also could I put division patches on it? if so which

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    Quote by douglas2496 View Post
    So it is brass and not stay-bright, which means it is indeed of the wartime type. Unless items are dated it can be very difficult to prove exactly when they were made, but I maintain my view that there is nothing to say these are not wartime. If the belt is a different shade to the jacket and trousers it does rather imply they did not originally belong with it, but of course they may have been worn together or they may have been put together at a later date. Certainly my collection of wartime officers uniform shows a variety of shades, from more greenish to more brownish hues.
    Yep, I agree it's brass from the later pic. It looks so much better in that image!

    As for the trousers being a lighter shade, I would not be too worried by that. This is a problem that I experienced during my own time of wearing No2 Dress (OR's version of this uniform) because before the barrack dress trousers were introduced during daytime in Summer No2 (or SD) shirt sleeve order was worn. This meant removing the tie and jacket and rolling up the shirt sleeves. A belt relevant to the particular duty, usually a white belt for OR's and the Sam Browne for officers was worn. This naturally meant that the trousers faded more than the jacket. For OR's the option (sometimes insisted upon by the RSM) of stores exchange existed but for officers a new uniform would have to be purchased which is why officers sometimes look a bit more scruffy than they ought. This of course was put down to "style"


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    Thank you so much for the answers guys! I was doubting about the color because Jimpy said that the trousers "appear a more modern shade of khaki when compared to the jacket."

    My last question is the tie, could it be post war or is it hard to tell? Thanks again.

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