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RCAF jacket - original/worth????

Article about: I have one or 2 That I would let go for \\$50 each or \\$80 for the pair, but the shipping is expensive as the Canadian ones are very heavy thick wool. Dean

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    I have one or 2 That I would let go for $50 each or $80 for the pair, but the shipping is expensive as the Canadian ones are very heavy thick wool.


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    Hi, I didn't mean to offend you asterperious, far from it, I really don't have the knowledge to tell a good jacket from a fake or messed up one. The thing I questioned was: If a RAF UK jacket is worth more than a Canadian one, with would someone place these shoulder tabs that would make the jacket worth less?
    Now I HAVE to put another question to you (sorry if Im being a little boring) What do these terms mean?
    ORS= ????
    SD= ????
    Sorry, but I really don't know enough.

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    OR's = Ordinary Ranks
    SD = Service Dress

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    Now another question pops in my mind, if the non aircrew jackets are not so collectible, how can you tell the difference between the sd of a aircrew and a non aircrew member? Just by the insignia right?

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    Yes, the insignia is the only difference. In Britain I have never been able to find these things anywhere near as cheaply as is being suggested.

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    The jacket that started this post is being offered to me by a UK seller at the price of 80...

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    Just something I have been thinking about, By 1942 Canada was producing so many uniforms and other types of equipment, we were supplying the Russians, the Chinese, the Aussies and NZ ect, we were not short of this type of Uniform, I am not saying that a Canadian could not, or would not use a British made Tunic, but we had far more than enough to supply our own people. If it was "private purchase" and of a fine quality, I could understand, but a common Tunic, I do not see a reason for it.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dean O.

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    This Jacket is a real mystery, just for that is worth to have...just look at the replies is got...

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    Hi, no offense taken, just wanted to clarify my position on the shoulder tabs.

    Anyway, in your last comment I think your logic is upside down. Those of us who have some decent knowledge of these things do not like what it represents. You should walk away from this item unless you are fully comfortable owning a an obvious mocked up jacket that has no discernible wartime history - other than being made then. If you are collecting on a budget save your money and buy something bona fide. I am a bit puzzled as to why you are so attracted to this item given it's very obvious flaws.

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    Hi asterperious,
    I see what you mean, and fully agree, theres nothing worst than tempering with historical pieces, but my point is why do it? I know of some cases where a Norwegian M40 helmet (100usd) is tempered and transformed into a ss one (2000 usd min), I hate the concept I despise those who make it, but in this case I don't understand why to change a RAF Jacket into a less valuable one...

    The answer Im trying to negotiate with a seller who tried to sell me this one

    So in the price range we are talking about (around 70) this one does not seem a bad choice, its a RAF jacket, war period, so I am trying to save a bad buy.

    Thanks for your opinion.



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