I thought I would share some of my U.S. Army collection. Of the uniforms in use during the war, the Class A's were, in my opinion, second in their sharp appearance only to the black tunics of the SS.

A Small Collection of U.S. Army Items of WWIIA Small Collection of U.S. Army Items of WWII

The 1st Lieutenant Infantry uniform is dated December 1, 1942 and size 38R. The left sleeve has the 44th Division patch and 2 Overseas Bars. Of note, the men of the 44th Division had 190 days of combat in Europe while assigned to the Seventh Army, fought in three campaigns , and captured over 40,000 prisoners in its advance across Europe. The 44th sustained 5,655 battle casualties, both killed and wounded, for this action. The ribbons are, from what I understand, the Bronze Star, American Campaign, European-African Middle Eastern Campaign with two stars, Purple Heart, World War Two Victory Medal and Occupation Service Medal.

The other tunic is a 9th USAAF with a nice sterling silver pair of wings and dated November 4, 1942 and a 36L.

Below is a small table I have set up on the way in to my collecting room. The rifle was given to me by my father and supposedly shoots very well. I haven't been tempted to take it out but I will eventually have an experienced armorer take a look at the head spacing and barrel. The Jeep I have discussed in the soldier's trench art forum German POW JEEP carving, a nice piece of POW craftsmanship that has a family tie to it. The helmet above is a swivel bale with Hawley liner and the other is a fixed bale with a MSA liner.
A Small Collection of U.S. Army Items of WWIIA Small Collection of U.S. Army Items of WWII

Finally, I am in the process of having this poster preserved and framed for display in the collecting room. I have one poster that promotes the American public to save their rubber and "CHECK YOUR TIRES" that looks really great. I hope this one comes out well too.
A Small Collection of U.S. Army Items of WWII

Hope you all enjoy as much as I do and thanks for viewing.