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Swedish overcoat?

Article about: Hi everyone, I just purchased this overcoat. The only information the seller gave was that is was a WWII European coastal artillery coat. I was thinking it was either British or French by th

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    Default Swedish overcoat?

    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased this overcoat. The only information the seller gave was that is was a WWII European coastal artillery coat. I was thinking it was either British or French by the insignia, however the buttons are marked "CC Sporrong & Co., Stockholm". I've only done a bit of research on the company during wartime, but it appears as though they made items for Denmark and Finland as well? Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks, John

    - Sorry if this is the wrong section, couldn't figure out where exactly Sweden falls.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Swedish  overcoat?   Swedish  overcoat?  

    Swedish  overcoat?   Swedish  overcoat?  

    Swedish  overcoat?  

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    Default Re: Swedish overcoat?

    It is a Swedish Coastal artillery coat.
    It is a model 1939 and is in a very nice condition.

    The Swedish company CC Sporrong & Co., Stockholm made buttons for Denmark, because the Swedes government between 1943-45 helped make a Danish brigade (DANFORCE) in Sweden. It was made up of exiled soldiers, seamen, Danes living in Sweden or from Danes that fled from Denmark to Sweden. It was officially a "police" force.... Equipped with mortars, machine-guns, artillery (75mm anti-tank guns) etc... This police force were suppose to be ready to liberate Denmark (especially Copenhagen). The operation was called "Rädda Danmark" (save Denmark). Swedish soldiers supported by the Danish brigade should cross Öresund and liberate Denmark. The operation called for the use of the Swedish armed forces - Navy, Air force and Army together with the Danish flotilla (the few war ships that escaped Danmark) DANFORCE and some Swedish air planes with Danish pilots. However the German forces in Denmark surrendered before the operation was put into action, and the soldiers of DANFORCE was shipped across to Denmark in the days after the 5-6th of May 1945 and became the "backbone" in the new Danish army together with the underground army and the freedom fighters.

    Uniforms were made in Sweden (like everything else they were equipped with), and the company CC Sporrong & Co., made the buttons. An aluminium button that came in two sizes with the "three lions and nine hearts" from the Danish state coat of arms. They are very rare these buttons.

    Sweden was a neutral country during the war. But their love for Finland, and the fact that they made a Danish AND Norwegian "police" force during the war, makes you wonder, and that they very well knew that the Danish and Norwegian underground movements used Swedish soil to regroup etc, makes Sweden a pro-Scandinavian more than a pro-German country during the war. At least in my opinion.
    Definitely NOT an axis nation, but on the other hand they were not to careful to whom they sold their iron ore. It is a very delicate game to be a neutral country.
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    Default Re: Swedish overcoat?

    Thanks for the info! The neutral nations definitely had interesting stories behind the scenes

    I did eventually figure out what it was, but with the enthusiasm the thread drew I just let it drop I've been passively looking for the other four regiments to complete the set. I've only found 1st and 3rd regiment coats so far.

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    Default Re: Swedish overcoat?

    Never take a lack of replies as a lack of interest. The thread has had over 300 views. It is simply that until now, no one actually knew the answer! Always add any extra info you do discover, this way the forum becomes an evolving resource.

    Cheers, Ade.
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