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Article about: Hi_all_i=I'm_Trying_to_identify_and_date_these_pan ts?Any_help_would_be_great_thanks.I_cant_make_out_ whats_on_the_tag_it_is_faded.I'm_hoping_soneone_kn ows_something_about_them_by_the_desig

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    Default Trying_to_identify_and_date_these_pants?

    Hi_all_i=I'm_Trying_to_identify_and_date_these_pan ts?Any_help_would_be_great_thanks.I_cant_make_out_ whats_on_the_tag_it_is_faded.I'm_hoping_soneone_kn ows_something_about_them_by_the_design.
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    They appear to be one of the versions of KD that was overdyed for use in the jungle prior to the introduction of green manufactured clothing. They look to have a field dressing pocket, button down belt loops and double strap waist adjustment all of which are seen on British & commonwealth trousers and the later types made inn green cloth are introduced circa 1944 I think so these should date to shortly before then, 1943 perhaps.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thanks_jerry.I_was_looking_over_an_old_thread_beca use_I_thought_I'd_seen_the_pattern_somewhere_I_bel ieve_they_are_the_same/similar_pattern_as_A_Indian_made_KD_pair_of_shorts _rene_posted_on_a_thread_I_started_called_My Aertex battledress collection.Thanks_again_for_the_info_mate.

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    Hi Matty,

    there seems to be a number of versions of KD, not all of which match the known standard patterns, in fact I have a 45 dated pair of KD shorts which do not match, but they are WD arrow marked. These could be Indian made as you suggest.


    Whatever its just an opinion.


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