Hi everyone. I am new to this forum, but I have some uniform queries and I thought - being experts on World War II uniforms - someone here might be able to help me out with some information on the uniforms of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, specifically those worn by King Peter II (apologies if my thread is in the wrong place; I wasn't really sure where to put it).

As King of Yugoslavia, presumably King Peter II held commissions in all of the country’s military (in the same way that the British Royal Family do). So he would have been an officer in the army, navy and air force.

These are photos I’ve found of the king in military uniform, and from what I gather, this is the uniform of the Royal Yugoslav Army…

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…and this the Yugoslav Air Force.

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My first question, does anyone know what colour his Air Force uniform is? I’ve seen a colour photo of a Yugoslav Army uniform, but not the air force. Is it blue like the RAF?

This photo looks like an air force uniform, but he has a paler coloured jacket. Is this some sort of summer uniform?

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Secondly, these are photos of the king during the war when he was in exile. The photos I believe were taken around 1942 and 1943. Does anyone know what uniforms he is wearing in these photos?

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The last one is a darker shade of khaki than any other uniform I’ve seen him in.

My next question is about his rank. What rank did he actually hold in the forces? This photo of him from 19 August 1941 shows him in his air force uniform, with the rank insignia of captain…

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…but this photo from c.1941 shows him with the rank of general…

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Furthermore, this photo from June 1941 has him with the general rank stars, but without the eagle underneath. What does that mean?

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Then his wedding photo from March 1944 he is wearing the braids of, if I’m not mistaken, a Lieutenant Colonel…

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Also, he doesn’t appear to wear the gold epaulettes that other air force officers wear.

And finally, does anyone know what rank he is wearing on the later uniforms? Are they army ranks?

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It’s all very confusing!

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.