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Unknown Tunic

Article about: Hi guys, i went in a local antique store today and found this item for 60 euros. It looks like a British tunic but has a label of a German maker It has the date 1956 and it's named to a Gree

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    Not actually the fabric itself, only the moth protection worked into it:

    The label refers to Eulan*. This is a brand name for an insecticide chemical compound (chlorphenylid) developed by said Bayer AG from Leverkusen, the well-known chemical/pharmaceutical company.

    For many decades, Eulan was used to protect cloths and carpets against moths and bugs.

    (Kris: I don't speak Flemish myself, but I assume "MOTECHT DOOR EULAN" means "MOTH PROOF BY EULAN", right?)

    *) see: Chlorphenylid (German-language).
    Coincidentally, the article informs us that the artificial word "Eulan" is derived from the Ancient Greek word eulé (εὐλή) for a maggot or worm.

    (Oh, and the Bayer Leverkusen soccer team mentioned in post # 4 is named after the same company, which owns it.)
    Andreas.... You are the maaaaan
    Thanks for solving the riddle. I had no idea that such thing as a "moth proof" method existed. For sure this wool is as rough as a sand paper. You can get an allergy just by touching it. It reminds me of late war recycled wool encountered on German uniforms.
    Harry it can't be late forties as it's dated 1956 even though quality as aforementioned looks the same.
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    I remember a few years ago getting a decades old but unissued wool tunic from some country or other, the thing could stand up on it's own and reeked of chemicals. Probably some similar treatment.

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    I must admit it really works though. There is not a single moth hole on this tunic despite being kept in very poor conditions
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    hi Chris I did include the 50s,also I think I have still got some insignia for it if you want it.

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    Hi Harry. You mean Belgium or British insignia? Since it was worn from a Cypriot soldier i need to find early ones of National Guard which would be almost impossible. Thanks for the kind gesture though
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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