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US 8th AAF SSGT's service tunic with bullion aircrew wings

Article about: Another recent addition to my small USAAF collection, was this nice aircrew EM's SSGT 8th AAF 4 pocket service tunic, and I think rather nice with a bullion aircrew set of wings. It would ha

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    Got your PM and responded via email.

    It's great that we were able to put a name to this piece of history.

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    Very nice tunic Bob. Glad to see the forum at work helping.


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    Upon further research, and more learning on my part, it appears that the tunic is actually a cadet jacket. Cadet's jackets did not have a belt so the bottom button was metal instead of plastic. They also did not have the cuff braid that an officer's jacket would have. These are items that were throwing me off.

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    just got one 1941 date, make believe belt, no stripe around the cuff.. thanks for showing

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    Thanks for adding the photo of your jacket Colt45, nice to be able to see one in the flesh as it appeared in the regs.



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    Love the bullion! Congrats on the pickup.

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    Default Uncle Frank ?!

    I know this is a pretty old post, but I was shocked when I read through the comments. Frank Rothwell is my great uncle! This is incredible that you have these!
    Please email me at
    Thanks so much! Josh

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    Great job on all the research. The first thing I noticed was the lack of and service stripes and overseas hash marks which led me to believe he could have been killed in action and never got a chance to update his uniform. I imagine there are quite a few like that still in Europe due to the staggering losses we had in the air war.

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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