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US EM Service Jacket

Article about: G'day All Here's one I'm at stumps with! this US EM service jacket has a different wool mix material compared to normal US MFG + I don't recognize the button service branch. cheers in advanc

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    N.G. or civil patrol,, first one i saw

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    This is a reply to René's question. The National Guard was created under the 1903 Militia Act that brought all the state militias under Federal authority. As such, state Guard units receive equipment, uniforms, and training from the Regular Army and are subject to being called into the Federal service as needed by the president. All Guard units retain their state identity and are under the control and authority of the state governors until they are called into Federal service. Prior to the enactment of the 1916 National Defense Act, the National Guard was effectively the reserve force for the Regualr Army. The 1916 National Defense Act created the U. S. Army Reserve, raising the question of who was first to be called up; the Guard or the Reserve. In theory National Guard units would be called up as complete units, but there are instances when several National Guard units were amalgamted into one unit, for example in WWI the 42nd NYNG Division (the Raimbow Division) was actually a composite division made up of NG units from twenty-six states and the District of Columbia. Other than, possibly, buttons and collar brass, the uniform worn by National Guard soldiers was and is indistinguishable from that worn by the Regular Army. Dwight

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    Ooops. Forgot to ad, gel65 is correct, it's a private purchase NY National Guard coat circa 1930's and into early WWII. As such, it is identical to the uniform coat worn by all members of the United States Army beginning in the early 1030's. See William H. Emerson, Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms. Dwight

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    Thank You kindly for your in depth reply Dwight You've been most helpful.

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    Very cool Rene as most your items are...
    I bow to gel65 in this post and others. I have never seen a 14yr old with such knowledge!!!!!

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Thanks I owe it to my dad hes been collecting since he was a kid and has shown me a thing or two

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