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US Navy uniform - ww2 or post-war?

Article about: Unfortunately, there is very little if any way to tell the difference between a WWI dress blue and a WWII era dress blue. From WW I until shortly after the end of WW II, few changes were mad

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    Default US Navy uniform - ww2 or post-war?

    Dear Members!

    I have found this Navy uniform many years ago on a flee-market, but I don't know, was it in ww2 made, or it is post-war? Unfortunately now I have just these 2 photos.

    Thank You for your answer!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture US Navy uniform - ww2 or post-war?   US Navy uniform - ww2 or post-war?  

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    It is a SK1 rating badge (storekeeper petty officer first class). The color of the rating badge does not match the uniform color it looks like.
    The rating badge appears to be black and the top appears to be a blue color.
    I have never seen one with gold chevrons on it like this. I am not sure if that is for some sort of overseas service or what. But they look theater made and not an issue item.
    Our current years of services are hash marks in either red or gold (gold for 12 years of more with no Captains mast). Each hash marks 3 years service.
    This is tough with out more detailed pics. That color of the pull over looks like maybe earlier than WW2? Could even be a piece made for a play or movie.

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    Thank You for your answer!
    I thing the badges were originally not parts of the uniform. You can see it, because the condition of the badges are different, than the condition of the uniform. The badges were sewed with hand and not with a machine, that's why I think originally they were not parts of the uniform. In the bluse and trousers there are the same stamps: E.W.Ross (but I don't know, what it means...)


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    The stampings should be in a white paint color should be the original owners name. This is something that we had to do at boot camp on forward. Due to cleaning. Dozens of uniforms would be washed all together. The only way to insure you got your back was stamping your name in it.
    All of mine are stamped by me except for my last set of dress blues and dress whites.

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    Exactly! The stampings were made with white paint. Could you give me any internet sites in connections with US Navy uniforms? Because I'm green in American military...Tomorrow I try to me more photos!

    Thank You!

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    I will do some looking for a site for you. The reason I am know this much is I was a Storekeeper 2nd class in the US Navy from 2002 -Nov. 2009, then we kept the same badge and folded in the Postal clerks and became Logistic Specialist 2009-Sep 2011 when I got out of the Navy Sea Bees. Still supply. I ordered thousands of uniforms and patches over those years. I also had been given dozens and dozens of old Navy uniforms from family members who didn't want their grandpa's old uniform. If you ever want an old US navy top I have lots of extras maybe we could trade a Navy top from your country.

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    The gold chevrons are WW I 6 month overseas stripes. I also do not believe the 1st class SK is original to the jumper. The cuff stripes indicate a second class seaman. If he was a petty officer he would have 3 cuff stripes before he could be a petty officer. Take the 1st class patch off and then it will be OK.

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    Thank you for your answer! I will take the 1st class patch off! And what do you think of the jumper and trousers (ww2 era or past-war?) I know, it is hard to say anything with these bad pictures, so today I try to make good pictures of the uniform and of the badges.


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    What do the waistbands and fly's look like on the pants? Are they the drop front button style with the ties in the back?

    Popeye....Another very valid reason for writing your name on everything you could put a mark on, was to keep your shipmates from stealing you blind! I remember seeing pillow cases, for example, with almost a dozen names on them and blacked out...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Here are some better pictures:

    View image: DSCN3864
    View image: DSCN3865
    View image: DSCN3866
    View image: DSCN3869
    View image: DSCN3872

    View image: DSCN3870
    View image: DSCN3871

    What do You think, when were the badges made? The oversea service is also original? Could you tell me, when was the rank badge made? WW2 or nowadays?

    View image: DSCN3877
    View image: DSCN3878
    View image: DSCN3879
    View image: DSCN3880
    View image: DSCN3881

    Thank You!

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