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US Officer Jacket - Worth it?

Article about: Hey everyone. Local guy has this for sale. I have as yet to see it. Here's his description: Officer's olive-drab jacket (also called a blouse) from WWII. It belonged to a Lt Colonel as it ha

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    Not a bad pickup for $40! Have you had a chance to research him at all?

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about the second coat.

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    So, I'm trying to find more information about this piece. Guy I bought it from may have given me the wrong information, or it's just incorrect. The name given was Edward V. Huth. I was able to find a Verlan Edward Huth, but he didn't enlist until Nov 1945. This of course was with some assistance from a guy I follow on Instagram. This invalidates the Philippine Defense ribbon placed. Looking closely. It also appears that additional ribbons are missing or were once on the jacket. Wings may also have been attached, as there are holes where those would go as well. Pretty impossible to tell I know. The only marking found on the jacket is in the breast pocket (the tag is there, but blank) penned in ink is the number 2686. I've not had much luck tracking this partial number down. I've hit the AAD with some wildcards, but it's pretty impossible to tell. Anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote by aurelius180 View Post
    Not a bad pickup for $40! Have you had a chance to research him at all?

    Unfortunately I don't know anything about the second coat.
    Thank you!

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    If there is only the last four digits of the service number in the coat and no other markings, how did the seller find the name? Did he purchase it from the estate?

    It's unfortunate when there is a nice clean tag in an officer's coat and the owner did not see fit to use it! I have a couple like that and I wish there was a name.

    Unfortunately the AAD is an incomplete record due to the fire back in the 70s. I checked the name, Huth, against the 1942, 1943 and 1944 officer's rolls and did not get a hit. This doesn't mean much as I believe these only listed regular army officers and not Army reserve.

    I have a Lt. Colonels uniform that is well marked inside but he also does not come up in AAD or the officers rolls. Some copies of his paperwork came with the uniform so I know he was reserve. Lt. Colonel Edgar P. Dean, USAR

    Here is a link to the US Army Officer's Register. They are large PDF files. I've only downloaded 1941-1945 for now. Internet Archive Search: subject:"United States. Army and Navy"

    Here is a link to a more user friendly searchable database for WW2 Enlistment records. You can search by laundry number. Home | WWII US Army Enlistment Records

    Good luck in your search!

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    Thanks Ed, much appreciated. I'll keep looking. I've reached out to the guy I bought it from. He's currently in Germany on an Archaeological dig, so it's tough to coordinate. We'll see what he has to say. Your Lt. Col uniform is awesome, very nice indeed!

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    Thank you! Good luck in your search. I hope the seller can provide some more information.

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