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US WW2 4th Armoured Division Captain's 4 pocket jacket

Article about: Hi all, Any help with this tunic greatly appreciated, it came from an old collection, and hasn't been fiddled with in any way, except for the ribbons etc being removed, and there is no name

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    Good point akmo.

    In my post , i didn't make it clear.

    If we were to go by his SSI, Individual had served during WWII with the 26th (approx 12 months overseas) and then served with the 4th Armd occupation duty , his then current unit.

    Now this is where I am going on post cessation of hostilities.

    4th Armd Div was on occupation duty in Germany and certain units were converted to constabulary units:

    HQ 4th AD converted to HQ 1st Constab Bde March 1946

    HQ CCB 4th AD converted to HQ 3rd Constab Bde all march 1946

    8th Tank Bn............................. 8th Constab Sqd.
    35th Tank Bn.............................35th Constab. Sqd.
    53 Armd Inf. Bn........................53rd Constab. Sqd.

    HQ CCA 4th AD .......................2nd Constab Bde.
    37th Tank Bn............................37th Constab. Sqd.

    The new constabulary force was created with a new operation and organizational control , so all officers and enlisted went to specialist training schools , went from combat to a border force / military police force.
    The individual could of been posted into any of the above units and his BOS would not have changed.

    I am not to sure if that extra 6 months would be regarded as combat or 18 months overseas or any other anomaly.


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    Hi Bob

    After reading your response to AKMO (only read the first sentence!) , I do have a few concerns.
    1. GI's were only supplied with 1 Tunic , officers had to pay for theirs-(what I have been told however needs to be confirmed.)
    2. Generally they had a name or a serial number or laundry no. One would imagine after 18 months service there might be some writing like a name for the family to remember.
    3. I don't believe an officer would give their tunic to a family and then go and buy another one to wear home unless damaged. Anything is possible of course but when collecting uniforms/ patches you don't buy the story, its hard to corroborate after x amount of years.

    Is there any other markings on the inspectors label?

    I think there needs to be a lot more research if at all possible.


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