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Use for australian white ww2 pants

Article about: also there appears to be only 3 loops for a belt and they are in very strange places not the normal even all round . Part of the reason I thought they may have had a specific purpose .

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    Default Use for australian white ww2 pants

    Hi people I got this pair of pants off a guy these were being sold as Australian Heavy White Wool Pants .These Could Be Navy Flash Suit Pants ? or Ordnance Workers Anti Static Suit Pants ? or Ski Pants ?Dated : 1943 . any help would be great thanks

    Use for australian white ww2 pantsUse for australian white ww2 pantsUse for australian white ww2 pants

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    I doubt ski pants....though going by the cut and the fly, these are probably RAN.....

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    Cheers AMTG

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    I would guess Navy too.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Navy gets my vote.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    that's great I have a ww2 winter uniform so summer whites would be great

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    Hi Mat,
    I to feel they are RAN.
    WW2 Australian ski instruction was only conducted in Lebanon during 1941 as preperation for the Syrian campaign I believe and the trainees wore a pretty much standard white cotton (I think) over suit.
    If I find anything concrete I will get back to you mate.
    Here's a cool link Hehehehehehe
    AIF Ski School Lebanon Christmas 1941 - YouTube
    I saw these on Ebay and thought they were interesting myself, Nice pick-up Mat. Any chance you could post an image of the tag on the WW2 Australian manufactures code thread.

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    thanks for the info guy's .And Yeh Dave I thought they were interesting as well hence why I grabbed them good price too . When they arrive I'll post some clear pictures to the WW2 Australian manufactures code thread mate the listing one is quiet blurry .

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    Thanks Mat.
    I added an interesting link in my previous thread.
    Good viewing I feel.
    Cheers again

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    cheers for the link dave .Very cool vid.Just so barren After watching the link vid I'm positive they are not the same cut as the ski pants.Notice the loops were the belt go's and the height of the loops that is what I find most interesting they are a lot lower then a normal pair of pants that would be at the top generally . crazy how they got snowed in .

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