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USMC P41 original or repro?

Article about: Hello! A few days ago I bought the USMC P41 Jacket, but I have no idea if it's an original one or rather movie-repro (e.g. 'The Pacific' miniseries). I'd like to ask you for help with identi

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    Default USMC P41 original or repro?

    A few days ago I bought the USMC P41 Jacket, but I have no idea if it's an original one or rather movie-repro (e.g. 'The Pacific' miniseries). I'd like to ask you for help with identification if it's original item or repro.
    Sorry for photos quality, I'll take some better, if necessary.
    Thanks for help. Best regards.

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    There's a name R.R.Clarke on chest (I can't find any information about this soldier) and bottom pockets are removed (btw.was it popular measure with marines duing WWII? )

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    I reckon original.The buttons, ega, pattern of hbt material all looks right.Still has a laundry tag as well...unusual to repro that.

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    Definitely the real deal you may be able to research it

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    Thanks for answers. I tried to find some information about soldier (R.R. Clarke) but without any results. Is it possible to research who's this jacket was (lists of vets/memory boards, etc.)? Thanks for help.

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    Hi Peter, and welcome to the forum!

    I have searched Ancestry for you as I am a paid member there. I searched the exact initial and spelling of Clarke with an "e". I tried a service date of 1945. The only possible matches were these guys who served post war in the 1950's>

    Ronnie R Clarke Jan 1956 Private.

    Reginald R Clarke Apr 1956 Private First Class. But note the rank is wrong here...

    Richard R Clarke Jul 1958 Private

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Thank you very much! It's really great to have an equipment signed by real marines. In my home I've got USMC leggings with date 1942 and name Myers and P41 Suspenders with name Hanson. Thanks once again.

    Best regards

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