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Vn war usaf arvn advisor erdl jacket

Article about: Hello, Yes I have. I have collected US military uniforms and equipage from 1860-present for the last 40 year and continue to do so. My present focus for the last few years is German Army clo

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    Default Vn war usaf arvn advisor erdl jacket

    HI everyone i am planning on buying this jacket on ebay and it looks good to me but i would like some second opinions. The nametapes and airman chevrons have puckering behind it but the ARVN patch doesnt really have any but im thinking thats because of the super light silk fabric its made out of or its just an ebay put on. All opinions welcome
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    Hi , I have to say firstly that I have not collected Nam era gear for 20+ years so it's been a while since I have studied it and I am sure the fakers are so much better now with their "theatre" made pieces! That said I quite like the look of this piece , most BDU's that have had re-applied patches show signs of that being the case. Also un-issued BDU's that have been "patched up" tend to have a modern cotton used to machine them on. Personally I do not see either of these points on this tunic, just what appear to be theatre made and applied insignia so you may well have a good one there. Leon.
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    Fred Green



    The puckering as you call it is from the name tag or US Army tape shrinking. Washing and drying the uniform with the tapes in place produces a small puckering effect from both thread and patches shrinking.

    If there is any wear to the uniform you have to wonder why there is still a tail of bobbin thread on the back of the patches. It appears the name tag has been replaced.


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    hi i had a friend of mine who specializes in fake VN WAR JJ look at it and he said it looked good as gold, all of the thread is the same there is puckering behind all american style heavy patches and there is no or little puckering behind the ARVN patch because of how light the material is, i personally have seen some JJ of all kinds that have bobbins of thread in them used and unused it all depends whether the wearer minds the bobbin at all but other than that do you think it looks good.

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    I agree 100% with what member Fred Green is saying.
    This happened to my old cammies or even my khaki's uniforms. When washed you tend to get that "puckering affect" under any patch/chevron we wore at the time. It is quite noticeable when you change ranks(promoted or demoted) that the under side of the patches have this 'Puckering"

    Looking Good

    Semper Fi

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    Fred Green



    If you are happy with it that is all that counts.

    As again I will state my doubts that this is an originally patched tunic.

    1. The name tape and branch of service tapes have been replaced.
    2. The puckering is not just the patch shrinking after washing and drying but the thread also.
    3. All types of bobbin thread was used, that was not the point. The point was that the tales from the bobbin thread are still there! that means that the tailor/sewing person was too lazy in their work to remove them and that this jacket has not been washed or worn since the patches were put on it. If the jacket had been worn or washed there would be ,at least, a minimal twist in the bobbin thread.
    4. I sew as a hobby. Given the patches and jacket I could make the same thing and probably do a more convincing job. There is absolutely no way anybody can tell when these patches were mated up with this jacket. The patches, Jacket, thread are all available today in quantity. All you need is to be able to sew.

    I would not pay over the sum of the price of all the pieces. That is my honest opinion.


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    be that as it may all the people on the us militaria forum who deal and sell VN militaria for living all said that this jacket looks the way it should and i have handled many jungle jackets with little thread bobbins just like the ones on this jacket. thanks for the opinion
    Cheers connor
    also what is your area of expertise?

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    Fred Green



    As I said in the last post" As long as you are happy with it, that is all that counts"

    I am a Heer cloth insignia collector.


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    have you ever collected VN war uniforms of any kind or VN militaria in general

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