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What about this US M41, original? good exchange?

Article about: Hi guys! I have the opportunity of purchase this M41 with the 1st division patch and make a trade for it with this german camo parka in "not the best" conditions: German reversible

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    Do with it as you will. I think that the piece is correct not only in the patches (due to promotion) I think the hand sewing is period correct and the Big Red One patch is correct...........during my time in service (Army 1967-73) I saw hundreds of Big Red One patches and none looked like this one, you can always blacklight the patches and see if they react. I had numerous field jackets and pants repaired when the quartermaster stores were not close by or the acting jack was being a prick and not letting us trade in our old ones for new ones,nowadays you have to buy them I believe. Here are some examples of what period correct Hand looping patches should look like, of course everybody sews a little differently. 1 machine sewen for comparison too (49th). I think it's an original. My 2 cents worth.

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    Thank you very much for your contribution Ramon, very interesting!

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    Isn't the Division patch supposed to be on
    the left sleeve.........?


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    yes it is in the left side, some photos are taken from the back and could look like is in the right but is in the left, anyway i have let it go, and find a more "solid" one


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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Isn't the Division patch supposed to be on
    the left sleeve.........?
    On US Army uniforms your unit patch is worn on the left shoulder sleeve and your combat patch is worn on the right. My son in law that is currently in the Army told me that now your wear your combat service ID badge on your breast pocket. Best.

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