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WW2 Australian Service Tunic

Article about: Any luck with restoring this tunic Jason?

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    Default WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Here is my first tunic into the collection. Have wanted one for awhile and its surprising how much they seem to go for. Finally got the style I was wanting for a decent price and it arrived yesterday afternoon

    Its a 1943, 4 pocket wool service tunic. I was a little worried it was going to be the later 43 version with the internal bottom pockets but was happy its in the earlier configuration. Manufacturer is S.146. Its a small size but looks unissued, even has the size tag still attached

    Now the fun part starts, putting it together. I am looking for buttons, shoulder titles, and collar badges. Also would love a slouch hat but I know its gonna be harder to get.

    I wanting to put it together as a 2/11th West Australian Battalion, my wife's granddad served with them during WW2 and was a POW in Germany,so anyone with anything from them would be great (I know I am pushing my luck).

    Cheers guys, will keep this thread updated with progress.


    WW2 Australian Service TunicWW2 Australian Service TunicWW2 Australian Service TunicWW2 Australian Service Tunic

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Nice 4 pocket tunic!!!

    It will look good once she is all marked up!

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Many thanks! It will look great, I am really looking forward to this!

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Very nice, something I would like to add to my collection. Good luck with finding the insignia.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Nice pickup Jase! Was your wifes grandad taken P.O.W. In Greece or Crete? I know the 2/11th were at Heraklion on Crete because the 2/4th were also there and one of my uncles was taken P.O.W. There. Lots of the 2/11th and 2/4th boys took to the scrub and carried on the fight joining the Local partisans as a guerilla army. What is the colour patch of the 2/11th mate?

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Thanks Dave, just reading through his documents, as they have been scanned in from the national archives. He was reported missing on the 2/6/41 in Greece and then a month after was listed as a POW from the red cross, so looks like he never made it onto Crete. Colour patch is Brown over light blue.

    Looks like I am gonna start looking for a slouch hat now to Dave!


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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Jase, I have a bunch of original colour patches in a drawer here somewhere, I've got this sneaking suspicion that one of them at least is 2/11th, I'll have a look in a bit, if I can find them and I'm right you can have them. I'll search around in an hour or so, you know where I am now! Lol

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    I have an idea as to where to find a slouch original colour patch on the pugaree would look good!!

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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Many thanks Dave, I would love as much original stuff as I can. I am still in the same place, just did the mothers day gift thing,lol.

    Would love any info Tony. I agree an original on a pugaree would be great


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    Default Re: WW2 Australian Service Tunic

    Just noticed your post Jason.
    A nice 4 external pocket service tunic,well done mate.
    The pre 43 tunics are getting a little hard to find so a great score.Kitting them out is the fun part,good luck with it all.
    Good one mate

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