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WW2 Royal Engineers tunic.More info

Article about: Hello mates.I just received my ww2 british royal engineers tunic.It is in good shape and I got it for a nice price!It is dated 8/2/41 with the officer's name:G.F LEADBETER.It also has a tag

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    From a small web search I did,I think that the RE dont were only blue lanyards!

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    I believe though that mine is a period piece

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    Mates,i read somewhere at the web that RE introduced the blue lanyard at their battledress at 1951.So I believe that all ok with my jacket

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    Hello mates!I have a final question about my jacket.Could some of the isignia be attacked to the jacket post-war?Many Thanks

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    Always possible i know that SD jackets are passed around if someone retires, changes unit or rank so check the epaulettes for holes. As an example tomorrow at Remembrance Parade, i am on duty and my jacket was made in 1961 , two years before i was born.
    Its identical to yours but in Whipcord.


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    Thanks for the info mate!I am sure that will be a Great Day.KradSpam found G.F.LEADBETER(the owner of the jacket)at the London Gazzete!The newspaper says:''CORPS OF ROYAL ENGINEERS.
    The undermentioned Cadets, from I4ist
    and I42nd O.C.T.U. to be 2nd Lts. 29th
    Mar. 1941: ''.So I am sure that the RE buttons and collar dogs started their life with the jacket.The question is if the officer promoted at the rank of Lieutenant and after to Captain at the war time or post war?!

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    After a small research I found something really interesting.G.F Leadbeter promoted,eventually,at the rank of 2Lt on 29th of March 1941 after 44 weeks officer training.In the next 12-24 months he waspromoted at the rank of Lt(this should be in 1943,as the jacket is dated 8/2/41).After 5 years(university graduates 3 years) logically he was promoted to the rank of Captain(so logically got this post-war)!

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    I forgot to mentioned that the epaulettes have no holes!

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