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WW2 Uniform

Article about: Hey guys very new to collecting in this field and need all the information, opinions, and thoughts on this US Army Air Corp Uniform i picked up for 25 bucks. Whatever you guys can share with

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    I've noticed something about this uniform and maybe why I got a good deal on it. If you look at the jacket on the right side (our right in the photo) on the lower pocket their is a stain of somesort. It's very hard to see and almost blends in with the fabric. I only noticed it when I got it into very bright bright light. You can't see it in natural light at all.


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    Default RE: WW2 Uniforms

    The finished product,

    WW2 UniformWW2 UniformWW2 Uniform

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    Nice one, looks like a bought one!

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    Congrat's Calloway!!!

    You got the buttons and AAF lapel insignia pretty fast.
    Good deal.
    It looks great all dressed up!!!

    Semper Fi

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