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101st helmet with insignias!

Article about: Hey, a seller of one of the 29th infantry helmets i posted on the other thread has this helmet up on ebay also, its a 101st helmet with painted insignias on the side, what di you think?

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    thanks for the help

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    "Seller does not offer returns." Alarm bells should go off every tume you see that in an ad.


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    That is true.

    It is good to know though that with ebay you can still get your money back if an item is "NOT AS DESCRIBED."
    They loosely interpret that and will give you your money back quite easily.

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    Almost £1500, strewth,, could we not report this, or is it hard to explain why it is a fake..

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    sold for 3800 USD!

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    What a wonderful prize for someone,unless we've seriously missed something,oh dear thats a lot of cash chucked down on a pile of ....

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    Quote by ruddersrangers44 View Post
    Any Helmet linked with the 506th brings so many queries,there so rare if one does or did ever surface it would stand on its own merit and would go to somewhere like christies to sell,and go for thousands of dollars however the very fact its on ebay says enough already,shame there's always someone ready to mock history and rob some poor b...... blind,save your money..............
    It's a crying shame but a fact of life that some arse is always ready to perperate such a fraud (and make no mistake that's what it is but jurisdiction is an issue) and some honest yet ill-prepared collector will fall for it. As said above, if a genuine helmet became available it must be unlikely at least that it would end up on ebay. If it did this would likley be as a result of ignorance on the part of the seller therefore it would be offered as just another M1.

    I know what I would do to such a seller! Apart from anything else he has turned what was probably a decent artifact into a worthless ruin.

    I also wonder if there is a bit of twisted psychology going on here? 506th PIR yes but not 2nd Bn or Easy Coy, nobody will fall for that right? But maybe 327th Glider Inf, almost the same cachet and a bit more plausible right? Ba****d!!!

    Lucky escape Patches but not for the poor mug who sucked it up. You could say he is partly to blame for having more money than knowledge of his subject but should he have to deal with such dishonesty?


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    And no doubt it will surface again at some point as an original.

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    If you see a 101st airborne helmet it would be safe to assume it is a fake unless purchased from a veteran or reliable source. It is a shame someone messed with an original m1 helmet and hawley liner.

    Here is a great website which pretty much sums up buying 101st airborne helmets on ebay EQUIPMENT page 2


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    What a shame. It was a Hawley liner. A hard to find item and sells at a premium just the way it is...
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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