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511th Parachute Infantry Regiment 11th Airborne

Article about: Hello Everyone, Annoyed from this ads?   Recently I commissioned in the United States Army as an Intelligence Officer (Insert oxymoron jokes now). My first salute was to my grandfather

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    Quote by ruddersrangers44 View Post
    Awesome thing to too do for a loved one,so well done and glad you purchased it when you first clapped eyes on it,it has the Refit jump into Japan liner,which technically were done during ww2 but never saw service until after VJ day and continued up to 1950.great iconic Airborne Helmet..............
    Thanks for the information Jake! I originally thought it was the 187th Infantry Regiment when I saw the other crest but I had another forum member who told me that it was in fact the 511th. My grandfather served during the Korean War era but he used to tell me about the 11th Airborne jump into Corrigedor. I couldn't image making a jump onto a small island.... supposedly a lot of the paratroops missed their jump zones and landed in the ocean. I could not imagine how many casualties they would have received if the had jumped into Japan.


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    Hi Thaddeus,im still learning like so many the info on late war and postwar Airborne Liners is pretty limited,over at USMF many of these "Rigger style" Liners have been shown and the story goes that after VE day many Infantry Liners were taken from un-used stock and converted into Airborne configuration by the "11TH" ABD but obviously never had to be used,this practice continued after VJ day with the "82ND"ABD,also doing the conversions,this continued up to around 1950.KW Infantry Liners were too done in this manner.............

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    Thanks for the information Jake. My grandfather served as a rigger during his time in service and he actually had his helmet after he left. It stayed with his sister, where it was used by the kids for painting, and has disappeared since. I wish I could find it and restore it.

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