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5th infantry diamonds? real or fake?

Article about: i have looked this up and think it is real but woud like other opinions. i looked at gunakibombs other threead with a 5th infantry division helmet ad it went for under \\$200 i think. what wou

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    I agree he's the man for these types of helmets

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    i sent a message but it may take a while. i will let you know what he says

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    Another heads up, I've seen two great condition diamond ega's pop up on eBay this week. One is 400 and I think the other is around 200. Check it out!

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    are they still up? do you have links?

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    he has other helmets to, from other infantries. he has been collecting for 25 years

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    sorry i never left a comment im not to good with painted lids more so when the only pics available are pretty poor !!

    my advice is if going for it just look at it as a plain M-1 & pay what ever you feel is a good price for that that way if they're fake you know you didn't over pay but if they're real it a bonus.

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    looking up the water mark on the pics i found this & A Collector's Guild maybe if you contact their web site as the helmet in question is not for sale there & see it hey can vouch for it ?

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    It is simply impossible to opine on originality with these pictures.

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    i will ask for more photos of the paint, any other requests for pictures

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    ok, i got a message from the seller and he said in their opinion it looks old and retains its cork texture. they said if i am not satisfied it can go back but they are experienced with german helmets and eing able to tell if they are real or fake. i didnt get additional photos but have asked again. i think i may go for it as they are almost possitive that it is real and i can always send it back. plus, like nickd said, it may be worth it as just a normal helmet. i will let you know if i get photos

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