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Airborne liner, please help

Article about: Hello everyone, last time I was happy to hear positive comments on the garrisson cap. Am looking to make my second US airborne purchase. What can you guys tell me about this liner? Good or b

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    Default Airborne liner, please help

    Hello everyone,

    last time I was happy to hear positive comments on the garrisson cap.
    Am looking to make my second US airborne purchase.

    What can you guys tell me about this liner?
    Good or bad? in case it is good what should I offer more or less?

    Am no expert on M1's yet, but my first concern is that the Y-straps seem to be different OD compared to the rest of the liner..Not sure if that is a red flag


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	M1 1.jpg 
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Name:	M1 2.jpg 
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Name:	M1 3.jpg 
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Name:	M1 4.jpg 
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Name:	M1 5.jpg 
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Name:	M1 6.jpg 
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Name:	M1 7.jpg 
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ID:	635595

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    The sweat band looks postwar......

    What liner is it, a Westinghouse?

    So far I have some concern for this example.


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    Sweatband is postwar, the straps if original would have been rigger done. Please try and get better pictures but my general feeling is that this is an original liner with straps added recently.

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    Sweat bands did come in OD7 during the war which that one is I have had several examples of the OD 7 ones dated from 43 to 45 so a lot of people see OD7 and say post war. I have a original money belt from my dad that was bought in the PX in 1943 it is of OD3 and straps are of OD7 so I won't go that far yet they are usually sometimes dated. Sweatbands are easily changed out and this one was probably done who knows Korea to 1970's It is also possible that Y yokes were added later as this appears to be the M1C. Wait on some of the M-1C or M-2 guys to come along on this one as they are hard to judge and I haven't collected them in years There was a beautiful M-2 shown on I believe Ken N site here while back with history to a 82nd airborne troop in the Bulge with OD3 liner and OD7 Y yokes and sweat band found in Belgium. timothy

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    From what I know, the strap buckles are inland type, if the liner is a Westinghouse which means a post war piece. (I had 1 or 2 few years ago)

    The liner strap reminds me of British Made style, or straps from WWI Chest Grenade Pouch.


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    You will have to ask for more pictures and find out the makers of the helmet and the liner, tell them these marks are found on the middle of the inside of the middle of the dome of the liner and under the rim of steel pot. When you spending money on these type of things you need to be sure, you were right asking first.
    If it were me I would like pictures of the makers marks/ more pictures of the pot including close up pictures of the bar tacking of the chin straps to the bales. And close ups of the male and female snaps. Another good close up of the inside of the rivets that hold the A frames is a good one to have so you can see any fresh tool marks.
    It looks like we are on the fence with this one, more pictures might help.
    Its normal for Westinghouse jump liners to have OD7 A frames as far as I know, and later ones had wire type buckles.

    Sorry just noticed you were asking about the liner perhaps you arent buying the M1C pot with it in the first picture, if so obviously ignore the questions/pictures about it.
    Cheers Rod

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    sorry these pics are really bad,and no assessment can possibly be made,but judging by what i can see,looks like another Infantry conversion done by some idiot trying to scam some poor bugger,I.M.H.O.............
    With Regards Jake.

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    Thanks all. Seller is not replying to addintional pictures I asked for on your advice.
    I decided to forget about it. Thanks for the advice!

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    good choice on your part,if the seller cannot stand truely behind what he sells then you need to move on as something rather wrong is adrift.....
    With Regards Jake.

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    Name:  m1 1.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  16.4 KBClick image for larger version. 

Name:	m1.jpg 
Views:	33 
Size:	29.9 KB 
ID:	639650In the end I did get a reaction. It is a Firestone liner..
    quality of the pictures is not great.. This is because of my laptop I suppose.. It makes the images realy small when I save them

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