I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section... I figured since this helmet has a similar liner as my M1, I'd start here. If necessary, I will gladly move this thread.

I made a quick road trip and purchased this helmet at an Army/Navy Store. I spoke with the owner for quite a while, and he let this helmet go for next to nothing (which is good because I hear they aren't worth much).

Can anyone give me any more information on this helmet? I'm assuming Shelton is the name of the person it belonged to... but could it have also been the name of a company or city where a person could have served in the Civil Defense Corp?

Finally, the helmet has what seems like water damage. I know the general rule of thumb is to leave things as-is, but considering how cheap this helmet was... if it is possible to restore it, I'd like to. Maybe it would only take a scrub with a sponge. Does anyone have any thoughts?


There is also some water damage inside the helmet. I think I'll try to clean off that spot inside to see if cleaning the outside would be possible. I'd rather ruin the inside than the outside, you know what I mean?