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American wwII original helmet?

Article about: Hello everyone, I purchased a helmet American, with code US17 (even if you do not see in the photo) and in addition there was a padding inside that comes off, or the fact that my doubts that

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    John has said it right,most dealers dont know that Euro-clones even exist let alone south American so study a lot,and just to add to what steve said if the shell has metal Bale connectors then postwar it is even though the shell maybe well be ww2 vintage thats stayed in circulation and been re-issued.

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    I thank you guys for the help, I would ask if there is a site where I could have
    information on the m1, as the various models, history and so on.
    thanks again

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    Yes, as others have said, that M1 appears to be a US made shell and liner, with foreign installed webbing and in my opinion, chinstraps.

    I would definitely research further in possible South American heritage.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Jerry take a look "World War Helmets"-"Helmets of The Century"-"Brendons Helmets"all these sites show differant versions of the M1 so have a look and familiarise yourself,hope this is of some use to you...........

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