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Another one.oh dear must stop.

Article about: love that lid Jake my boy, now that white liner, did you see the other he was selling? MSA, i got that small world eh, Ste

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    Default Another one.oh dear must stop.

    Ok now im skintbought this a week ago,these are the sellers pics,still en-route,paid a bit more than its worth especially as the liner is damaged but it was the shell i was after,I just needed a good clean example of an original McCord swivel looped Helmet,dated around May 44 with Iron variant Buckle,over 90% of original cork and olive drab,I just luv the look and patina of this one.hope you like it too................
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    Top looking lid mate!.....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    You may be skint Jake, But I bet your very happy lol. Great example of a late war M1. Cheers! Sean.

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    Cheers Guysit really came way too soon after my fixed looped,but hayho when there gone there gone,and then there wont be no point in crying over spilt milk,just can't seem to step off the moving train..............

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    Great looking helmet. I can see why you wanted it.........!


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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    Great looking helmet. I can see why you wanted it.........!
    Thanks Steve always nice when our friendly Mod pops in for a look..........

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    Very nice helmet a good buy i would say, you wont be able to stop now as you have the same illness as the rest of us, It,s a madness lol.

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    Got that bit right Dave,need respite somewhere well away from this money spinner..............

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    very nice helmet, i am currently looking for an early fixed bale lieutenant pot for my hawley liner, i love your pot and how nice it looks

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    money still gets printed. ww2 US m1 in original condition don't get made anymore. if it fells right go for it. that's what I say..,, nice helmet to go into your collection.
    good find jake.. and you right I don't see many like this at a good price anymore. there got the military and gun show down this way, on the weekend. I can just about bet you there will be no head gear that will be worth its price tag. if there is any. but nice helmet. cheers mark.

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