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another US helmet

Article about: nah if you look at the pic with the upturned shell you can see the bail on the left is a swivel version but without better pics i can only say the shell/s are not US made !

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    Default another US helmet

    I have another two american helmets and cover.

    Are thet from WWII or from Korean War?
    What type are they??Name:  elmetto americano2.jpg
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Size:  39.1 KBName:  elmetto americano6.jpg
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Size:  30.4 KBName:  elmetto americano4.jpg
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Size:  46.9 KBName:  elmetto americano7.jpg
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    Default Re: another US helmet

    The liner appears to be a WW2 US issue example.

    But the camo cover is post war US.

    The steel shell appears to be Belgian going by the decal.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    there are two steel shell... Are both belgian??

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    And the camo cover is from the Korean War?

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    Looks like Belgian to me.

    The cammo cover is 1960's.

    Please read the helmets section in the Western Allies forum: there is a HUGE amount of info about the US M1 helmet there.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    Please see this link too:


    Make sure you read all the sections.

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    hiya the camo cover is dated 1970 so late Vietnam era as Ade said the liner looks to be WW2 US & also agreed with Ade about the shells from those pics they both look to be what we call Euro clones.

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    and the red symbol in the liner ( phirst photo ) what means??

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    cant tell from that pic it just looks like a red blob !!!!!

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    Default Re: another US helmet

    i cant tell from the pic but it looks like the lid has fixed bails ?

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