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Can anyone identify this U.S M1 variant?

Article about: Hi all! Recently acquired this M1 variant (along with the veteran who brought it home's Royal Melbourne Regimental battledress), and despite spending hours scrolling through what are commend

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    Is it possible to get a pic of the liner stamp and a closer look at the liner hardware? The liner appears to be a post Korean War liner (No front air vent) realigned with WWII style khaki webbing. The liner could be a Euro clone but when I see this with a minty WWII shell, alarms ring. Guys I could be mistaken but the chinstraps look like repros too, it screams modern refurbishment! Perhaps a professional in this case such as top pots or J Murray? its a nice helmet but big question marks on originality here.
    Best regards,

    "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."
    Carl Jung

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    Hi Christek - I appreciate any pointers, of course. But there is next to no chance that this has come from top pots or a similar outfit. The gentleman who brought it home wasn't a collector, and wasn't interested in militaria per se. He was more of a hoarder of wartime souvenirs which then went into storage in a trunk that only his wife knew about.
    Just to reiterate - I'm grateful for any pointers from you guys, but I don't want anyone to go 'barking up the wrong tree'. It's almost certainly a post-war liner, possibly re-rigged with new suspension system. But it's not a made in china job, I'd put my bottom dollar on it!
    Pics to follow, I hope they will help christek, do let me know, and thanks again for the input.

    Happy hunting!

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    I have included an additional photo which I should have posted in the first place. I didn't think it significant at the time, but when I pulled the liner out of the shell for the first time there was a thin dimpled cardboard sheet which had been pleated to sandwich snugly between shell and liner. Could this have been a factory procedure? The helmet is factory-finish mint in every other respect (aside from the one broken inside sweatband clamp which was probably due to one incident of heavy-handling during the helmets lifetime.
    Paintwork and texture finish is mint.
    Any pointers gratefully received!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	11930826_10153537535555795_3932586172440998323_o.jpg 
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Name:	11700834_10153537536360795_1097469977844641845_o.jpg 
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    Well the liner is a US one and it 100% post Korean war, that is for sure and it should have OD 7 webbing not khaki. I'm still not liking the mint OD 7 chin straps but perhaps I'm wrong as from 1943, Schlueters shells started to be fitted with straps colour olive drab #7. Of course it is the nature of these forum to sometimes disagree, not "barking up wrong tree" but simply disagreeing. In my experience, a modern liner pretending to be a WWII one with a minty shell and straps sends off alarms. But these may be completey seperate in history and the shell may well be a good one. The liner is very wrong though.

    Of course my comment is just MY opinion. But is does not change. It is a nice helmet shell no matter what, and one I wouldnt mind owning. I'm surprised Jake has not commented yet, he is very knowledage. Cheers mate.
    Best regards,

    "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."
    Carl Jung

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    Ok Chris. I appreciate your comments. And I didn't mean 'barking up the wrong tree' in any condescending, defamatory or s**ty way. I'm just very confident that the veteran who brought this home would never have even heard of the likes of top pots, nor have any understanding of the militaria collecting hobby in general. However I understand the reasoning behind your suspicion - it is indeed a very odd combination of characteristics on an M1.
    I guess this one is destined to remain a mystery. I've actually put it on ebay now in the hope that it may fund a future purchase within my own area of interest.

    Thanks again for your input and all the best!

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    The liner is genuine,as i and Harry said on one of the other threads,its been re-webbed/rivoted by a EU country like Holland or Denmark,the Liner itself is a 1962 Marmac industries,or p55 type which was there 1st US contract to produce Liners.
    With Regards Jake.

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