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D-Bale on Ebay - Am I missing something here?

Article about: G'day all, Over 4 k AUD atm .... The liner is very rough... Is the shell really that valuable? What have I missed since concentrating on other militaria? WW2 US Army M1 D Bale Steel Helmet W

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    Quote by LizardKing View Post
    Hello people... Please excuse my most likely stupid question but when you are refering to a D Bale M1 helmet you are refering to it's metal parts that retain the chinstrap? D Bales are the D shaped metal parts that are fixed and swivel ones are the ones that move... Right?
    I'm very green on the US militaria so please enlight me.
    A couple of years ago I found a M1 front rim helmet with fixed rectangular bales just laying in a huge pile of post war M1s. I bought it for like 10!!
    Yes. There is a lot of this type of related information on this M1 forum - You won't have to look for long to learn a heap!

    The short story is three styles of bale from manufacturing 1941 -1985; an inclusion of the correct corresponding shell and chinstraps (and the history when proved) generally create the rareness or value of the M1. - D bale ( like this example = very rare!) , Fixed bale (The rectangular examples, like you have described = rarer) and finally swivel bale (1943-1985). 10 Euro is a good price for a genuine fixed bale helmet - if has original straps, a GREAT buy.

    The history of this great helmet is far too much for me to write now, but as I said there is plenty here, and members like Jake above know endless amounts of info on these. So get acquainted with styles of the bales and seams, then heat stamps etc and you'll have a great advantage if proceeding in the hobby. Have fun!
    Best regards,

    "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also."
    Carl Jung

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    I spoke to someone who's been in this game for over 3 decades,he assures me that the shell is real but the chinstraps are retro fitted,meaning added at some point later after the shell was made but by who or when is anyone's guess,he himself purchased a shell a few years back without anything just the shell and that set him back $1200,I know i'm as bad as the next guy for using completely the wrong terminology,official title was the "M2 C LOOPED HELMET",Fixed Bales were designated "Fixed Loops",I don't even know where the word "Bales" or "Bails" even started or comes from.have to find out,maybe just a collectors jargon.

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    I would not hesitate to bid on this helmet if I had the extra cash. That is merely my opinion.
    The fact that it does not have an Airborne liner does not concern me in the least.
    I personally have an M2 which came from the soldier's daughter in law and it too had a non Airborne liner.
    The chinstraps are replacement but again, not something that would concern me.
    It certainly is not worth as much as a D-Loop (M2) with original chinstraps and an Airborne liner BUT the D-loops are in tact and in good shape and the paint seems also in relatively good condition.
    I am guessing it will go in the $4,000 range.
    The last one was a complete paratrooper lid and it went for $6,200 WWII M2 D Bail D Loop Helmet Ided to Thomas w Wagstaff 82nd Airborne 505th PIR | eBay

    Also, frankly even if it was a stinker (which I am not saying that it is) you can always send it back via buyer protection through ebay as an item not as described.

    Lastly I talked to the seller for an hour on the phone the other night and recommended that he keep it since it was his grandfathers, unless of course he needed the money. He told me that he was going to see what ebay would charge him to take it down because he didn't want to pay a huge fee to remove it.
    I guess he decided to sell it based on the money it is commanding.
    I told him I would love to have such a helmet in my family linked to my grandfather.

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    Thank you christek for the reply! I tend to collect German and Greek militaria mainly but over the years I have a little of something from a lot of countries! US militaria aren't my thing but I would not say NO if I find something good at a reasonable price! So my knowledge on US items is very limited!
    Now there is one more brick on the wall!!


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    Wow $3400 someone got a good deal IMHO.

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