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Early Transitional Westinghouse Fixed Bale.

Article about: Well went and blew me wad on this one today on ebay,originally one of nine that were listed by the same seller who purchased all his US stuff back in the early 90's,anyone wasn't sure at all

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    Default Early Transitional Westinghouse Fixed Bale.

    Well went and blew me wad on this one today on ebay,originally one of nine that were listed by the same seller who purchased all his US stuff back in the early 90's,anyway wasn't sure at all what to go for having everything but Hawley's up for grabs,then for unknown circumstances five got pulled leaving just four,two supported nets,two didn't however this should have been the most costly having a Rayon Transitional Liner but in fact it turned out better overall than the others,well here's the sellers pics for now,I admit I must be unwell to keep purchasing these bloody annoying Helmets............but someone's gotta preserve history right guys....
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    Very nice indeed Jake, I was watching these myself with interest, and wondered how much they went for, I am very happy you got this particular one mate, it is superb.

    And hat's off to you for preserving history

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    Have to say how things might have turned out had those other five Lids not been pulled,I was leading on three of them,this one I didn't really consider purely as I already have one in the display,but Im still confused as to why a Mid-war (Green A washers) with British net sold for more?maybe some folk just go for the overall look and not the rarity,the resale on this should be more,as i've only ever seen two High pressure liner Makers that used Rayon,Westinghouse/Inland and maybe Mine Safety Appliance,but never seen one to date,thanks again Bud for your great support.............

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    another great addition jake ,these historical pieces are going to the right home though so keep up the great work collecting them ,did i read it right you were bidding on a hawley liner and the listing was removed ? can i ask if you have one of those elusive liners ,ive only ever seen reproductions ,oh and out of interest how many complete m1's do you own now ,cheers james

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    Hi James,there were no Hawleys on the nine listings,but the ones that were ended was a 1st pattern Rayon St Clair/2nd pattern St Clair/Hood Rubber Company low pressure liner/mid-war shell with Early un-painted steel A washers by Capac which carried the early dark green paint(very unusual indeed)this also came with a British 1 inch net/mid-war Firestone liner all named in liner and straps/so I reckon the seller was offered a deal worth a lot more than ebay could provide,there's a minty Hawley set with M1 depot website for a cool $1000,feel free to chip in as its about the best condition set out there,however its a 2nd pattern Khaki not 1st pattern Rayon webbed liner,thanks Bud............

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    Have you won the lotto. That is a very nice addition as is your other westy liner. I havenít bought anything for ages funds are crap at the moment. when I first saw these I thought of Andy but the seller wasn't from wales. Your right these donít pop up often. I see someone on usmf from Britian has just started a thread with a dose of helmets he got here, wonder if these are the ones you mention.
    Great stuff

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    Hi Rod hope your well mate,funny you saying about a bunch of lids from the UK,sorry James dont have too many as some have been sold to fund other Lids,in total there's only 10 complete ranging from 1942-1969,keep watching as i might actually win the lotto hey Rod

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    Congrats! Looks like a good one, just the right amount of age and that been there look. They are a sickness. Rob.

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    That is a hard one to find.

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