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Elite Militaria

Article about: Elite Militaria is an Aussie outfit on eBay. This is for sale at the moment, and it's interesting as to what they have to say about it. "Confirmed by an expert Nick Howard of Top Pots,

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    Quote by ruddersrangers44 View Post
    I'll give an opinion if I may that all "rigger style liners are indeed fake,it has and always will be the quickest and most straight forward way of converting an Infantry liner into Airborne,the idea was taken from the p64 liner as these were the first to have there A frames mounted this way.I dont and never will believe that before 1960 this type of mounting was even thought of let alone actually made,the very word "Rigger"has absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the A frames this again is a term that has created within the collecting if a Vet comes along and states that he saw there Infantry liner being converted in this way well I will hold my hands up but Im that confident that will never happen,so go head and believe what you want...who knows maybe yes most likely no.the jury will be out forever on these liners and believe what you wanna and part with hard earned cash.without pics and written documentation who can say...........Jake.
    Do I detect a slightly negative undercurrent there rudders?

    Seriously though, photographic evidence would be nice, and I suppose every faker from everywhere would be using it (the evidence) if it existed as proof that their helmet is original, so the question is, where is it?


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    Ok lets start with the basics-1 the shell is real.2 the liner is Rod has already stated who,what,when were these liners converted.within the QM or privately at home?thats the big question.the problem I have is this whole terminology with regards to Riggers etc.the term "Rigger Made"is a man made phrase that was created purely for the sole purpose of ebay to enhance the sellers goods.if you look at ww2 Rigger sites on US forums or the web,there is a lot of info about them and there importance to the Airborne units,without them well enough said,anyway no where does it mention anything regarding M1 liners whats so ever.also the only liners in ww2 which have been classified as "Rigger"were the first WESTINGHOUSE liners that were produced prior to the DDay Landings and the only differance between them and the normal type was the size of the female snap inside the liner.A yokes have never been mentioned under any Rigger style guidelines,so if Rigger doesn't mean what everyone has been led to believe within the collecting world then the sooner we change the way we approach and think the better,also if you look at the rivots holding the A frames there identical to the same type used on all p64 liners both cotton and nylon,so i think these conversions were done most likely after that,but i could be wrong plus why have korean period so called liners worth so much(thats if there real)was there any famous Airborne drops then?im not aware of any,the debate continues............Jake.

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