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Estate sale finds.

Article about: Hi everyone, I recently purchased a couple of US helmets at an estate sale. As you can see in the pictures one has what I believe to a lieutenant bar painted on the front of it and on the si

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    Thanks I thought so too, it's a great liner regardless of the authenticity of the MP paint job
    It's just the story of the MP liner is amazing. Bought off of a local neighborhood friend. We still find some things now and then here in Luxembourg. Like last week I was ill and at home and from my window I saw my other neighbour cleaning out his house for sale and on the porch there was a liner . So I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. I was amazed it was named to a SSGT of the 83 infantry division( ohio division) but sadly it wasn't for sale which I respected.
    Anyway let me get back to my liners, does the 1955 paint job decrease value (if I may ask) because I paid 90$ for it

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    Now thats a tough question to answer so to speak,it depends on who the collector is,if its a ww2 mainstream type then they would want original olive drab wartime factory paint not postwar,but if you collect items that relay to specific units and timeframe then this is there cup of tea.but as the wartime collector dominates the M1 scene i would say slightly less value but also less desirable overall,this is only my opinion and at auction could still fetch the same as a wartime example...........

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    Yeah thought so too, well at least it's still a great helmet with great promenance behind it!

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