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Fixed bale, front seam - what have I got?

Article about: done well. - pictures follow

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    Just had a thought,this was a newbies first thread,when he checks in he's gonna think WTF has been going on here....

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    Aha, yeah i see what you mean, nice helmet i especially like the the netting

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    Quote by Harry Davey View Post
    ... and you know it is a genuine WW2 item.

    Yep that's what I figured - no guessing here; plus it does look so GOOD! (to me)

    Now what I need to find is a nice period liner that is in resonably good condition - got a feeling it's going to be $$$.

    By the way, sorry for starting a bit of an argument here; however some authors - e.g. the late Bill Gofoth did not at all mind folks using reference(s) on research and pictures from his popular (amongst collectors) of his book Iver Johnson: Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993 - Gun Show Books -- Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993

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    Once last thing I do actually own a copy of "Helmets of the ETO" so does that let me off the hook a wee bit............

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    Yeah i should think so, i feel like i should buy a copy now. As for the liner just keep your eyes open cheap ones do come along, i know they are a bit more in the UK due to short supply but in the States they should not be to hard to come by, just look in antique shops, collectors fairs or put a wanted ad in your local paper for any WW2 militaria you never know what might come up, i purchased number of items belonging to a RAF Lancaster navigator that way, battledress, escape boots, flying helmet, oxygen mask, tin helmet, gas mask etc etc the lot.


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    I have an unissued M1 and this one COULD be original paint IMHO.
    I agree that photos in natural light would help.
    I cant account for the stuff on the rear of the helmet.

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