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Found cool helmet, need help authenticating!

Article about: Hi all, My name is Sam and I recently found a really neat looking M1 helmet from WW2. I don't know too much about them but my father has recently started getting into researching more about

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    Hi Ralph,

    I'm not too sure I assumed it was however it could also be glued on. As I've been researching this more I'm coming to realize that the rank insignia would've most likely either been painted on or left off the front of the helmet in fear of being targeted for their status as an officer. Is this correct?



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    Hi Jake,

    Don't worry I didn't buy this haha! But I'm very glad to have posted here before getting swindled. The guy selling it didn't tell me where he got it and when I walked away from it immediately took $100 off offering it to me for $300. I'm relieved to not have listened to my impulse when buying this since as far as I can tell from the helpful posts on this thread it appears that the man took a genuine M1 late war issued WW2 helmet and enhanced it to make it more appealing for an excited and novice collector like me. Would you or anyone else monitoring this thread have any idea of where I could purchase a real M1 officer's helmet? Are there any trusted sites or members here that might be able to help me out?

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    Firstly sam original officer marked Lids are rarer than hens teeth,most were repainted and reissued back into service after being given out to a lesser ranked or non-comissioned G.I,also does it have to be an officer's may struggle with your quest and even if you do find one with a reputable dealer,it ain't gonna be cheap,best of luck with things no matter what you decide..........

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