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Front Seam Swivel Bale WWII M1 Steel Pot HELMET + Gold STAR...GENERALS Helmet??

Article about: UPDATE!!! I looked at the liner some more and there is, on the side, the following: MICANTA 1956. (IT MAY BE MICAHTA...HARD TO READ) is a Westinghouse (has the "W" stampe

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    UPDATE!!! I looked at the liner some more and there is, on the side, the following: MICANTA 1956. (IT MAY BE MICAHTA...HARD TO READ) is a Westinghouse (has the "W" stamped in the center/top of the liner). With this new information...any opinions? thanks!

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    It may be 'micahta'....hard to read

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    It is called Micarta

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    Don't know on that Firestone, Westinghouse, Kapac made them in WW2 maybe others a mining company who's name I forget those are the three I have seen. Yours has the OD7 liner as stated post war replacement. WW2 kakhi liners run anywhere to twenty five up depending on condition if you want to reline it. I have done that as the shell is WW2 in the front of your shell steel helmet part should be a heat treatment batch no like A106 etc I forget who is who I think mine was made by McCord radiator company the other maker Shuler or I may not be spelling it right of these shells I have read several books on them but it is not my field of expertise. I have a brother that has a lot of them. Mostly WW2 and a few of the lower dome post war ones (Late 50 Vietnam vintage used up till replaced by modern Fritz helmet.) Maybe some one will come along to answer your liner question as they were made post war as stated. timothy

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    Mine has 153D stamped under the front rim. I don't see any letters before the number. I looked more on the actual fabric in the liner...the head band...and it does read on one section in black block letters: Head Band Liner Helmet DSA 100-67-C-3028 and then some other numbers. I know the DSA stamping. I immediately recognized that. This headband was made in 1967. This helmet gets more confusing all the time! Got a WWII pot, Korean war era Liner, and Vietnam era headband. Pretty much touches all the big wars of the time...

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    Here's a scenario...possibly?....This guy was in WWII. This was his original helmet. After WWII he stays in the military. He replaced the liner during the Korean War. After the Korean War, he decides to stay in the military..moving up the ranks. At some point he had to replace the chin straps. Sometime during the Vietnam War era (maybe earlier) he gets promoted to Brig General. He keeps his original WWII helmet and puts the star on it. He needs to replace his headband around 1967..hence the 67 dated headband. I'm just trying to put the pieces together because I know 100% for a fact that all the medals are originals (4 WWII medals and Korean War Medal), and the Bronze Star box is original..the documents are also real. Those are all the other things that came from the same estate. Sound plausible?

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    Yes I suspose so it may just be a reissue that the guy got maybe early 60's mid 60's and ended up retiring and bring it home General Staff officers pretty well did what they wanted even with this type of thing it would be almost impossible to say but no doubt was amoung the vet's things. Since you have this grouping probably never know. If you collect WW2 you have a good start bear in mind though this stuff got mixed up amoung the years and just reworked and continued on until pulled from service or taken home which may be the case here. I was in basic training in 1971 and had a cardboard WW2 Hawley pressed paper liner as it began to fray bad around the edges and they had me turn it in for a new one. You have a good and interesting piece. timothy

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    Thanks for the input Timothy. I have quite a few WWII items, but I never had, or personally saw/touched, a Generals helmet. So...when I saw this and the other items I jumped on it! LOL. WWII, Post War, or is a Generals Helmet and it will go in my collection. thanks!

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    Hello Excalibr,

    interesting helmet indeed. Any chance of taking some closer pictures of that faded name? I did look up Wecnet but there appears to be no such surname. Do none of the medals and paperwork that came with it have any names attached?



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    unfortunately no names on the medals or the paperwork! I was surprised, but they are just general documents of appreciation and the medals are not engraved. I will try to get better pics of the name and post them asap. thanks

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