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Front Seam Swivel Bale WWII M1 Steel Pot HELMET + Gold STAR...GENERALS Helmet??

Article about: UPDATE!!! I looked at the liner some more and there is, on the side, the following: MICANTA 1956. (IT MAY BE MICAHTA...HARD TO READ) is a Westinghouse (has the "W" stampe

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    Here are some better pics...still not the best, but maybe better. Click image for larger version. 

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    I agree, pretty difficult to read. If you google General or Brigadier General Roger E. quite a few pop up. Check some of their histories out and see if any of them retired in the location you bought the helmet. The word beginning with W could be a location rather than a surname. It's a long shot I know but good luck!

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    I will try that! It's a start....thanks

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    Can't comment on the authenticity of the General's star, however can help with some other questions.

    The liner is a Westinghoue Micarta and would have been manufactured in or shortly after 1956.

    Your scenario is plausible. Another scenario, which IMHO is more likely, is the general was issued this helmet, as is, for use during the Vietnam era or later (latest date on the components). I'm also doubtful this individual would have kept updating components. It likely would have been turned in for a refurbish and he would have been issued another in it's place.

    I think we all know, the military reused whatever was available to them, regardless of rank. As an example, I have a General's M1, acquired directly from the General, who served from Korea to the mid-1980's. The helmet shell has another person's name written on the interior and a mish-mash of components, similar to yours. It was the last helmet he received, sometime in the late 70's and the one he used up until retirement.

    All in all, I think you have a nice set and you should be happy with it, as-is. Just because it isn't WWII doesn't mean it's any less worthy or collectible.

    Were it me, I would be doing as much research as possible to trace this back to the original wearer. You said it came from an estate sale; maybe you can research it by contacting the company that ran the sale, or by doing a Google search of General's that lived in the area where the estate came out of.

    Good luck in your research and I hope you hold onto it!

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    Thanks for the comment! Yes, I plan on keeping it and I will try to contact the company to get a name. Hopefully I can get some history on this helmet as it is definately a conversation piece if nothing else!

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    That's a really great find, excalibr. A really super helmet in what seems untouched condition since the last service owner. It's seen history and is now "retired" into the hands - fortunately - of someone who appreciates it. It could easily have fallen into the hands of someone with only a little knowledge who would quickly spoil it by trying to make a WW2 lookalike out of it - thus erasing it's history. Well found! Regards, John

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    Yes I agree as I stated to him it is fine for what it is mine had no chinstrap on it or liner so fixing it up to period was my only choice. timothy

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