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Front Seam Swivel Bale WWII M1 Steel Pot HELMET + Gold STAR...GENERALS Helmet??

Article about: UPDATE!!! I looked at the liner some more and there is, on the side, the following: MICANTA 1956. (IT MAY BE MICAHTA...HARD TO READ) is a Westinghouse (has the "W" stampe

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    Default Front Seam Swivel Bale WWII M1 Steel Pot HELMET + Gold STAR...GENERALS Helmet??

    I just got this in a lot of WWII items from an estate. There were 4 medals, Bronze Star coffin box, Pearl Harbor Survivor documents and items, Bayonets, and this helmet! It is a front seam swivel bale and has a Westinghouse liner. The star looks like it is textured metal. Is this a true Generals steel pot helmet?? If so, how rare are helmets such as this? It definately has age wear and look to it. It is marked on the inside but it is VERY hard to read. It looks like Roger E Wecnet? There is also the remains of what appears to be a set of numbers below the name. I tried to research the name, but no luck. I'm not even sure if the Wecnet is correct. I can only be sure of the Roger E part. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Hi Bill the whole Helmet rig is postwar setup so if the star is genuine then its from mid 1950's to early 1960's so early Vietnam period,can't really be of any more help im afraid................
    With Regards Jake.

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    The helmet is FRONT seam...which I always was told is WWII era. They made REAR seam after WWII...

    - - ------- - -

    The liner may not be the original...I just bought it as you see it.

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    They refurbished helmets after WW II friend. I believe Jakes assessment is right on the button. It is still a nice helmet and liner buddy.

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    Bummer....... Thought I had a real winner here. Thanks for the info though.
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    It is worth keeping, a generals helmet does not turn up very often.

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    Rear seam came out in 45 didn't they? Rear CAN be ww2. Marty

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    I'm not the most authoritative expert on M-1s but I can say that even the WW2 made shells aren't guaranteed to be in their original WW2 condition. The clipped on chinstrap is the one thing I see right away that gives it away as being a post war set up. No need to get upset about it not being original WW2, its still a nice find IMO.

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    Nothing wrong with it good high dome front seam WW2 shell and probably liner as stated those got reconditioned after the war. I have one like it front seam fixed bale. Replaced it with WW2 kakhi chin strap of about 42 43 before the later od7 straps came out late 43 to 45. From what I have read front seam was used until late in 44 then it was moved to the back. Yours has the stainless steel rim which didn't hold paint too well and you can see the bright steel. Those WW2 liners got re done as late as 73 I know as we refurbished a bunch of Westinghouse, Firestone and Kapac liners in the helmet shop I worked in. That general star could very well be original as I had seen the gold ones like that on brid gen helmets. Hard to say but you do have a piece of ww2 on your hands. Chin straps are easily replaced and there are plenty of them available I got one here a few years ago for about twenty bucks. timothy

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    Yeh...I thought about more...and yes, I am kinda bummed it is not all original, but I don't have a Generals helmet in my collection and the star looks good on the helmet (even if it was placed there after the war). I'm still trying to make out the name and maybe if I can get the last name I can do some research and find out if this guy was a General or what. If anyone looks at the name and thinks they can make out the last name I'm open to opinions. Thanks again for all the input and I will keep it!

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