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helmet display

Article about: Very nice! The famous 'DETOLF' cases!

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    Default helmet display

    hello, this may be a stupid question but i thought it would be worth it to ask. my collection of m1's has been growing bigger and bigger and i have come to the poit where i need stands. i have ran out of the styrofoam heads and need more. until i get these i need to make something. i have seen other peoples stands but they look lke they could hurt the liner. does anyone have any ideas. thanks.

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    I have seen people use paper towel tool holders, where a piece of cloth or foam is placed on the point where the holder would meet the liner.

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    Making them out of wood is easy - hardware stores have legs or fluted stair rails that can be used along with bases - fairly simple and color can match the furniture
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    Here is one I found by searching for "Helmet stands"
    Helmet display stand
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    Excuse the poor quality photos but you should still get the idea. Plain-Jane kitchen paper towel dispenser which happens to have a nice flat section on top that makes for easy balance and alignment of the helmet. Then a stick-on felt pad of the type used to place under chair legs to stop scraping on the floor and you have the interior of the helmet protected from marks. Voila! Easy, cheap and effective.

    helmet displayhelmet display

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    I read somewhere these styrofoam heads are bad for our treasures. I believe it was on waf i saw that thread.

    I have no experience using these styrofoam products myself, only passing the info. Maybe other has some experience in this, or knows more.
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    Styrofoam heads should be avoided as they contain acid and will leak into the liner overtime, and the liner will dry and stick to the head.

    Cheers, Pat

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    Old atillery shells works well too!
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    Im toying with the idea of making a stand out of square tube and machining it to look like an mg42 barrel shroud

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    Quote by Patrick Lewis View Post
    Styrofoam heads should be avoided as they contain acid and will leak into the liner overtime, and the liner will dry and stick to the head.

    Cheers, Pat
    So can i put something like a rag between the styrofoam and the liner or would that not work? Can i put anything over the styrofoam to help it?

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