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Helmet liner

Article about: is it from Vietnam?

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    Default Helmet liner

    is it from Vietnam?

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    has 3 three neck straps that were cut off

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    At least it's the correct model for Vietnam from ca. 1967 onwards, the pic is too small to read the markings and put an exact date on it. The straps aren't cut off I think, the nape/neck strap is adjustable.

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    These type of models were manufactured between 1972-1984 as it is the detachable suspension type and was a new feature to the helmet liner as they were previously riveted into the liner. I can see a few contract marks on the suspension beginning with DLA which dates to the late 70s and post Vietnam war. There should be a stamp in black on the inside of the liner with a date and contract mark or possibly white tag with this info. My honest opinion would be its not Vietnam war period.

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    As the first contracts were awarded to Marmac industries and Firestone in sept 72 and were known as orange glow hence there reddish orange colour which this clearly isn't so either from 76 or 1980-83 which all carry a greenish resin mixture so as Ian stated post Nam era.

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    I missed the detachable suspension, that makes it post-Vietnam indeed. I stand corrected.

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    maybe from Panama Persian Gulf ?

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    Probably used by the US army up until the late 80's until the full roll out of the Pasgt helmet.

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    just before the KEVLAR,,, desert storm?

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