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Helmet Question

Article about: Hey Guys, Im a new member to the forum. Have been collecting for some years now, and had a question about a helmet i own. I was told when i bought it, it was from wwii, but from what ive rea

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    Hey Guys,
    Im a new member to the forum. Have been collecting for some years now, and had a question about a helmet i own. I was told when i bought it, it was from wwii, but from what ive read online, it seems to be later. Its a bit weird though because as seen in the photo there is an army number inside that matches a person who fought in wwii. The chin strap and camo seem to be post war, but maybe the helmet itself is period? any help or opinion would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Helmet Question   Helmet Question  

    Helmet Question   Helmet Question  

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    Without more detailed photos it would be hard to tell much but just from what I can see, it looks like it has a stainless steel rim making it a WWII period shell, assuming it is actually a US M-1. The chin strap looks fresh out of the box, probably a NOS T-1 but again, cant really see much in these photos to be sure of anything. I'll not even comment on the cover other than to say the Army did not use covers in WWII only the USMC did. As for a shell and liner having matching serial numbers of a WWII Army vet, sadly anyone can look one up and take a marker to the helmet and liner. That ink looks pretty fresh.

    There are some pretty savy M-1 guys on here, I'm sure a few of them will chime in soon but while you're waiting, if possible post some better detailed photos of the shell and liner apart, this would be quite helpful as well as some detail of the liner suspension and chin strap.



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    as Russ said better pics are needed but this is not a WW2 M-1 set up but post war the cover is the revers side of the MITCHELL cover.

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    Hi,hard to tell from your pictures but the liner looks to be a 1950's para one.I say the 50's as you can just see the stripey look to the inside of the liner which is in the style of a WW2 manufacture,but the webbing is all in dark green. Most WW2 webbing is in a sandy brown colour.There also appears to be a nape strap which suggests a later liner.The cammo is certainly 1960's type.Take the cammo off and look to see if the rim of the steel helmet is joined at the front,that will make it a WW2 shell for sure.All in all it looks like a mix and match to me.

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    i think liner is 1960's not 50's as it seems to have the later type of nape strap set up to be 1950's but better pics would help.

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    NOW I see the nape strap and clip.....everthing is so GREEN! Yup, looks like a summer side Mitchell, with a bid of an Irish tint to it......

    Yea, a little bit of this and a little bit of that on this one for sure. Having somenone write an old matching service numbers on this makes one tend to belive someone was trying to pull the wool over someones eyes!


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    Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it a lot. I thought something was a bit off, but my expertise pertain to paper items, like photos and feldposts. Im glad i was able to leaen something for future reference.

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    Looks like a WWII pot with a 60s-70s set up (cover and liner) and some repro chin straps to me.
    This set up would be OK for a VN era helmet as they reused WWII pots (you can still find them on Navy ships). To confirm it is a 60s-70s liner there are markings inside under the headband on one side. Also the Mitchell helmet cover will have numbers on one of the flaps. If you want to post pics or email me at I will try to id this info for you.

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    the chin straps are not repro just post war versions.

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    Even better. So maybe you have a VN era helmet with a WWII shell which would be good. I would turn the Mitchell cover inside out so the Greener side shows. Looks better IMHO. If in the VN era configuration it would be worth $50-$60, again IMHO.

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