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I'm thinking to buy that helmet! what Do you guys think?

Article about: R\\$ 120,00 Real Brazil,In u.s.a It's \\$50 dollar. - - ------- - - R\\$ 120,00 Real Brazil,In u.s.a It's dollar.

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    R$ 120,00 Real Brazil,In u.s.a It's $50 dollar.

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    R$ 120,00 Real Brazil,In u.s.a It's dollar.

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    Quote by docRoe View Post
    R$ 120,00 Real Brazil,In u.s.a It's $50 dollar.
    What do these typically sell for in Brazil? Is this an online dealer or someone you are dealing with face to face? If face to face, I would try to talk him down. Wouldn't hurt to do so.

    I'd say buy one from Ebay US or another forum member, however between shipping and import tax (I believe Brazil is between 16%-18%), even if you were to buy one cheap, you'd likely still spend over $50, albeit it may be in far better condition.

    The problem with this shell, is it's missing a lot; chinstraps, liner, etc. And were it mine, I'd want to display it with a cover as it's clearly seen better days.

    Unless you have these items already, you're going to wind up spending a bunch of money to bring it back to displayable condition. This may be what you want to do, though. I know I like a good project.

    At the end of the day, it's your choice and please don't let anything I or anyone else says talk you out of what you want to do. This may be your first M1 purchase and you want it regardless. Nothing wrong with that as long as you're happy with it in the end.

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    Doc what was the outcome?did you get it...............

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    No. Take a pass.

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