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Korean War M1-C liner?

Article about: Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in this liner I have on my hands. It's a Seaman Paper Company liner that has been rigger modified to Airborne configuration but has been webbed wi

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    Default Korean War M1-C liner?

    Hey guys, I thought you might be interested in this liner I have on my hands. It's a Seaman Paper Company liner that has been rigger modified to Airborne configuration but has been webbed with OD#7 SHBT. The liner itself appears to be of WW2 origin but the webbing seems to have been added in the 50's. There are holes drilled into the side that would indicate that this was initially drilled for a different purpose (toy?), but the webbing also appears to have been on this helmet for a very long time as there is rust on the A-frame attachments and the original paint is covering the rivets on the exterior. The chin cup came with the liner and exhibits the same wear as the A-frames so I think it is original to the liner. Any thoughts on this?

    Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?

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    Hi Ryan,i've studied and cross examined thousands of M1's and Liners and to be honest i've never seen anything like this before,is it real?maybe but who or when the webbing was added is anyone's guess,certainly ww2 Infantry Liners were converted to Airborne configuration late war and up to 1950 however they all kept there original od3 webbing and A washers'only the A Frames were added,i can't see why all the webbing and A washers would have needed to be replaced as well?these wartime conversions served all through Korea,even though new Factory Airborne Liners were being produced by Capac in 1951,can't really add anything else,like i said its a first for me,and i just don't know'its a tough one to call.

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    The only things that I can think of are that perhaps the original webbing was damaged and had to be replaced, or that the previous owner swapped out the original OD#3 webbing to put into another liner. The webbing in the helmet is worn and faded and has a musty odour, so it seems to be real webbing. The headband matches the condition and exhibits signs of age and wear. Needless to say it has me stumped too. :P

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    I am leaning towards that it may have been relined by another country.
    The para "A" frames look strange as does the buckles.
    I might be wrong but did the US make one piece OD7 nape straps. is there any writing on the nape strap rivets or the nape strap its self or sweat band that may link it to being American manufactured webbing.
    hope you find your answer.

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    I'm 90% sure that the nape strap supplied with the helmet is not original to the helmet itself as it is THBT not SHBT like the rest of the webbing and the colour is slightly off. There are markings on the back of the headband however, though they are so worn that they are illegible.

    Korean War M1-C liner?

    Interesting point about the A Frames is that they are made from the same material as the chin cup itself. The chin cup is identical to one of U.S. manufacture. I can't find any other examples that match the material or the type of buckle.

    It is possible that the liner was a reject liner that was sent on to a European country and re-webbed there, that might explain the extra drilled holes anyway. :P

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    I gave it some more thought overnight and decided to compare the webbing with other Euro-clone liners that use SHBT (Dutch and Belgian) and found that the colour of the webbing did not match with either of them. The Dutch liner has a more grey tone to it as you can see here:

    Korean War M1-C liner?

    and i compared some broken Belgian webbing to find that it had a more yellow tint to it:

    Korean War M1-C liner?

    The colour is more consistent with a U.S. Vietnam era liner though:

    Korean War M1-C liner?

    I've searched around a bit for Korean era U.S. liners to compare and found this thread: Possible Korean burlap War m1 helmet which includes a picture of a Korean war era liner that has OD#7 SHBT webbing which looks to be the same colour as my example. Nothing concrete but it's something.

    So to conclude so far: The liner is of U.S. manufacture, as appears to be the headband. The webbing also looks to be U.S. made and the A-Frames match the material of a U.S. made chin-cup. Perhaps this really is just an odd rigger made liner? I still contend that the A-frames have been on this helmet for a long time. Here are some more detailed pictures:

    Korean War M1-C liner?Korean War M1-C liner?

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    I must have been completely off my game yesterday,thanx to Rods comments,I realized that not only is the nape wrong but so to are the rivets the US never made or used flat headed types,then the penny dropped i've seen these on ebay being sold in Athens Greece,all the same paint washers/rivets etc,so either there reworked for oversea's contracts to none US countries or just the molding tools and presses were lend-lease programs and the complete Liner was produced outside of the US,that would explain the US mold marks,like MSA/Firestone etc,here's the ebay pics.think this is as close an answer Ryan your going to get mate.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Korean War M1-C liner?   Korean War M1-C liner?  

    Korean War M1-C liner?  

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    that seems to settle that then, looks like the U.S. style webbing might have been re-worked by the previous owner too. Thank you Jake, it's good to get some closure on that.

    Best Regards, Ryan.

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    Anytime Bud,all here to help and learn a bit along the way to,glad i was able to help out a bit...........

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    well done chaps for coming to a conclusion.
    the "A" frames and buckles look a perfect match.

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