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Late war corpsman or medic helmet

Article about: still could be reissued

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    still could be reissued

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    Hi Marty,

    Interesting (winter camo ?) helmet there.

    I would guess an ETO or PTO (Aleutian Islands).

    Thank you for sharing.


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    this is for reference, could have been made like these for ww2 or reused for korea
    Attached Images Attached Images Late war corpsman or medic helmet 

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    They might be used in Korean War as well.

    No photo evidence does n' t mean they didn't have or do.

    Anything was impossible, in my opinion.


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    Don't get me wrong I'm not sold out to ww2 only it is very possible Korean war usage. I did post the helmet for other helmet collector such as my self who also collect German helmets and wanted input on the paint on the helmet. For example: the wear, the color change, the way in which it the paint is/was applied. There are so many fake helmet if is refreshing to see a real painted helmet even if it is possibility Korean or late WW2. Are you leaning towards combat or rear line usage on the helmet I know we will never know, but just for fun. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    i think it could be front line because it could have been camoflaged so he wasnt any easy target or may it was in the rear and painted the helmet to stand out and get attention

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    Marty i wanted to ask you,the thread is called m1 Corpsman or Medic,how do you tell the differance?also just wanted to say that the ETO only served through one winter 44/45 and during the Bulge with temps down to -20 there's no way they could pop a lid of paint open and do this for obvious reasons,hence the pillow cases,but that pic with the painted Medic Helmet could have been painted prior to him being sent to the frontline as a replacement!!!!!!

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    When I bought the helmet from Troy at USMF we talked on the phone and his belief was that it was from a medical ship that they painted their helmets white. That is why both names,I just don't know. You always hope for it being a combat medic. That is why I'm asking all of you. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Cheers Marty its possible navy/ship/etc,if combat more likely Korea than ww2 as I mentioned above but either way it looks period and not a knock up done yesterday so its a very cool thing to have...........

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