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A little help with WWII M1 FS FB

Article about: A little help, if you would, on this relic M1. Front seam, fixed bale, heat # appears to be 1910 or 191C. Looks like it had a Major's or Lt. Col's insignia soldered to the front at one time.

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    A) Because I wanted to.
    B) None of us should ever do ANYTHING, because someone may make something bad out of it.

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    IN RESPONSE TO: Hi mike im curious as to why you felt the need to add stuff to make it complete?in its original state its what it is a piece of iconic history,but now its something else, if your helmet ends up in circulation being sold as an original somebody might get stung,this is just my opinion of course and your entitled to do with it as you please.

    WWII helmets were in circulation for a long time. As time went by pieces were added and replaced as needed. A helmet was a piece of equipment to a soldier and not a collectible. I do not see how anyone would get stung by a seller adding parts to a helmet unless it was advertised in as found original condition. What you have done is restored/completed the helmet. The only time I would recommend NOT adding replacement parts is when you have a helmet ID'd to a Vet in its original configuration.

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