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M-1 book store find

Article about: I don't really know the going rate for American kit, maybe \\$200/250? I'm certain \\$50 is excellent though

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    Default M-1 book store find

    So, I was in a used and rare bookstore in Chicago yesterday. It is going out of business. The place is huge. The owner, who is very old, used a lot of artifacts as props in the various sections of his store. I was in the war section and stumbled on this. I paid $50. He had painted a $ sign on the front. It came off, though I had to take the first layer off original paint off. Not too bad, though. Not sure about the liner. How do I tell who made it, etc.

    I am no expert on M-1s. All I know is that it is a fixed bale and the liner is WW11.

    here is the front before I took off the $ sign

    Here is front now.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    Here are some other photos

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    Not sure about the marking on the front of the liner.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    Nice fixed bale helmet, and a steal at $50. In the dome of the liner there will be a symbol embossed into the surface. Take a picture and post it and members will be able to tell you which manufacturer made it. Nice early M1 pot. Jim G.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    A nice looking front seam, fixed bale M1 helmet. Without a doubt WWII vintage. On the inside of the steel pot, closest to where the wearer's forehead would be, there should be a heat stamping. These numbers will tell us when the steel pot was made.

    If you look through the center loop of the liner webbing, you'll see a logo stamped into the liner shell. That'll tell us who made the liner.

    Nice helmet. Great price. Shame about the dollar sign.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find ***** he painted it. I don't think the damage is too bad...but for $50...I can't complain.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    A steal at $50!

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    Good helmet with a bargain price.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    Great price the marking on the liner looks like Captain's bars.

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    Default Re: M-1 book store find

    How much do you think the helmet is worth?

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