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M1 Heatstamp

Article about: The only comment I have about it is that it's a nice helmet. Congrats on getting it!

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    Default M1 Heatstamp

    hi guys i got another new M1 helmet today and wondering if anybody can tell me who made it by the heatstamp.ill get some pictures up later at the moment i cant find the cable .the heat stamp is "187 A" cheers

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    Default Re: M1 Heatstamp

    also rear seam with rough texture all over the shell

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    Default Re: M1 Heatstamp

    Very interesting my friend.can't wait to see the heat lot number,either there's a digit missing or there's an "M" in front of the number?regards Dave.

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    its so hard to tell its kinda worn but underneath the vietnam paint i swear i see korean war era paint but i could be wrong ,anyway once i get pictures up the professionals can tell me haha .cheers

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    M1 HeatstampM1 Heatstamp

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    heres two pictures not the best but its getting dark outside so have to use the rubbish inside lights ,it has a rough texture im gussing its sand not cork and the shine is from the flash .cheers

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    Looks like a late war shell?nothing to add without heat stamp pic,regards Dave.

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    will get on that tomorrow thanks

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    i checked it again with better light and its 187 A if that helps anyone ? as i said ill get a picture tomorrow thanks

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    M1 HeatstampM1 HeatstampM1 Heatstamp

    - - Updated - -

    finally got a picture of the heatstamp its not the best but its better than the others ,also some better pictures or the shell.notice the A is spaced abit from the 187 .cheers

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    so anybody have any ideas on who made it ?

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