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m1 helmet

Article about: Hello, just received this helmet in the post today, disapointed to see that its a Belgian m51 clone and not a US WW2 helmet as stated by the seller. Would fellow members be good enough to co

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    Best of luck Doug,its a tuff one either way,some of the minty shells are going for hundreds,and remember regardless of the condition the shipping wont change,so personally i would get a decent one and it will look great and last forever..............

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    douglas this is just food for thought but dont dismiss any post war m1 either ,i had the shock of my life when i looked over my early 1980's ground troops m1 and noticed the schleuter ww2 period shell refurbed to 80's specification ,you just dont know whats hidding under them covers ,now i always ask the seller for more detailed pictures including the removal of covers and any stampings ,here's the thread for you m1 helmet you just might find that shell albeit with modern upgrade

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    Sure, thanks for that, worth bearing in mind. I'm really grateful for all the helpful replies Ive had.

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    Quote by douglas2496 View Post
    Sure, thanks for that, worth bearing in mind. I'm really grateful for all the helpful replies Ive had.
    Thats what were are all here for Doug to simply help each other out.........

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    Name:  barn find.JPG
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Size:  13.9 KB Hello Doug, I have just spotted this on ebay for sale in Bristol so no huge postal costs but it's 250!! and I know you are looking for a shell only. See what you think anyway mate and get a few of the experts opinions on it if you do proceed. As they say you're not buying the story.

    An Original WW2 US Front Seam Fixed Bale M1 Helmet, Normandy Barn Find | eBay

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    Thanks very much for letting me know- but this is a higher price than I was hoping for. I will be interested to see if it sells, no bids so far.

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    Here's another Douglas, this time from the States but still quite cheap at the moment! See what you think?

    WWII M1 Helmet Swivel Bale Front Seam Schlueter Shell & Westinghouse Liner NICE | eBay

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    if genuine i reckon its well worth the price ,its a shame no buy it now or best offer ,just to haggle a little bit

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    To be brutally honest a Normandy Helmet commanding that sort of starting price has got the worst pics I've ever seen,is he trying to sell it or just test how thick people are?I will be very surprised if it goes,looks ok but everyone is entitled to see clearly what it is they are commiting too,the second looks good,the rust matches between shell and liner,but is Doug fussed at whether its a fixed or swivel Bale?McCord or schlueter?lets all keep looking.............

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    I agree. I have no preference about maker or bales.

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