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M1 Helmet opinions

Article about: Hoovie, Mysons, and OB, thank you very much for the info. Youve been more than helpful on this. Good to know its a Schleuter shell, and all the other details are helpful as well. Youre right

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    Default M1 Helmet opinions

    Hey Guys,
    I only know the very modest basics when it comes to M1 lids. Im guessing this is a "Vietnam era" liner.....but just a guess. Leather strap in liner looks black, but I think its just very dark brown from age/wear. Any opinions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    Spec's: Front seam, swivel bail

    - SHELL stamped: S...903 B ? (kinda hard to read)

    - LINER has Service # on tape inside: F 5232. Also has "A" style fittings

    - LINER: has what looks like a "G or C" marking in white inside

    Scooped it up for $19 usd, so dont have anything invested...just was wondering if we could tell anything from the info provided. Thanks a bunch for any help!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1 Helmet opinions   M1 Helmet opinions  

    M1 Helmet opinions   M1 Helmet opinions  

    M1 Helmet opinions   M1 Helmet opinions  

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    Default Re: M1 Helmet opinions

    All I can say is that is a very fair buy Bill regardless of liner I like it.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Quote by ez1969 View Post
    All I can say is that is a very fair buy Bill regardless of liner I like it.

    Thanks Eric, ya I couldnt believe it was that cheap. That was one of the few reasons why I wanted to post it for opinions. I kinda felt bad tho...because the guy who sold it to me must have not made even $5 after shipping it to me! Its gotta cost at least 10 bux to ship, even inside the US

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    Yup, Vietnam era. Excellent price.

    My 1st love of collecting was U.S. Vietnam. I still have a few of these helmets with their covers. I never get tired of them!

    Yes, the seller lost big time. Profit of $9 or less.

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    Default Re: M1 Helmet opinions

    Ya good buy for 19$. Love the m1

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    Default Re: M1 Helmet opinions

    Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I'm pretty sure the front seam shell is WWI era, front seams made between 1941 and 1943. The liner is certainly not WWII era.

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    My SonsDad - My first assumption was that the shell was indeed WW2, but the liner Vietnam era. But I dunno? To my knowledge, I think it could make sense because they did use ww2 M1 Shells in Vietnam I thought, just improved the liner. So you think that the Front seam lids were made between 41-43?

    Does anyone know if this is correct? (I know the liner is what makes the helmet, but just curious about the shell) And Thanks for all posts guys!

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    Panzer, I just double check and yes, from the table I have Front Seams were made from July 1941 thru October 1943. I wish I knew where I found this table, one of the experts on here probably does and hopefully will post the source. The other "Quick Check" for a WWII era M1 is the texture. From what I gather, all WWII era M1's used cork for the texture and the later lids used a much finer silica sand. It's pretty obvious which is which. Hope this helps.

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    The steel shell sounds like a Schleuter produced lid, going by the "S" stamped under the brim with the heat lot number. So that is WW2. Schlueter made only 2 million helmets vs the 20 million from McCord. It also has some of its original corking, and has had darker OD repaint as was common after the war. The metal clip on chin straps and liner are indeed from the Vietnam era. Not at all uncommon to see WW2 lids and liners used up til Nam really.

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    It's funny to think that one day these Vietnam-era M1's are going to be worth a few hundred dollars. We will be the old guys telling other collectors about the good old days when these helmets were abundant and cheap.

    You should try to find a nice Mitchell cover for it. Nice helmet!

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