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M1 helmet question.

Article about: Well most Euro clones had steel hinges as far as im aware,so maybe south american or far east like indonesia,only a guess its hard to work out when there's nothing to compare it with,even on

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    M1 helmet question.Notice the VB how they interlock. This is not the actual helmet but a demo to illustrate the markings.

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    Quote by JBR View Post
    Germany and Holland, in particular, have used brass extensively in their M1-type helmets' fittings. I checked out my post-WW2 German examples: M60-Mod1A1, M62-Mod1A1 and M85-Mod1A1. The M60 was the only one to have brass loops. The rest are steel. My Dutch M53 has steel loops - but this doesn't mean brass was never used. However, moving to the rim number, the Dutch manufacturer Verblifa stamps are very similar to the one in question - except there's a 'V' in front of the 'B'. This may simply not be visible due to mis-stamping, paint or corrosion. Another point, perhaps rather subjective given the quality of the photos (I know it's really difficult to get good photos sometimes, so no criticism intended), is the form of the peak in profile that looks more Dutch than US to me.

    This link may be useful:
    .: World War Helmets - Casque Modèle 53 :.

    It's also a good idea to remember that European M1-types were exported by the manufacturers to each other's countries! So one country may have bought batches from 3 or 4 neighbours. The above linked site gives useful info on this by country. Best Regards,
    I take back what I said about why some country's would use brass loops, I've just checked my M60 and it to has brass loops to, thanks for that great information above.

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    maybe someone just made brass loops in their home and put them on. Probably not true but just a guess..

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    i take back what i said i just read the comment above and its a ero clone

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