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M1 helmet real or fake?

Article about: The other day I was at a local antique shop and bought a crate full of military memorabilia. The man who sold it to me I believe was a war vet and sold it to me for \\$15. This was a red-flag

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    Default Re: M1 helmet real or fake?

    Well, not necessarily, there were rear seamed M1s that were late WW2.

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    True, Also The paint from ww2 would be a darker green with cork finish

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    Thanks for the info and I was guessing it was Vietnam considering most of the items I acquired were Vietnam. I have one more question, I thought that the M1 helmets had letters in the heat mark and these letters were to determine the maker of the helmet. But this one does not have lettering in the heat stamp. Is this because it is vietnam not WW2 or because it was surplus/overstock?
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    Mccord and shuelter (spelling?) made helmets in World War Two. Schuelter only made them for ww2 and mccord had heat stamps. Only makers marks would be liners being US and a number or Firestone for late Vietnam (around 70's). In my opinion, this might be post Vietnam even, could be lighting, but due to the funky coloring and lack of sand finish. I have a Norwegian shell and has the exact paint on it AND using letters and numbers. Mine is marked "LS-77". Not real valuable but still collectible but without a liner and even the age and no cover its far from complete. Still cool if you're just starting up and makes for a good project.
    Could be foreign but the paint looks awfully fresh so if American, likely unused. Don't forget, it rained for days in Vietnam at a time and the inside would likely show some of that weathering even if the liner was never taken out.

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    I can not tell from your photos.
    As jonobo pointed out, late WWII helmets were rear seam.
    Also some of the people who posted have discounted the possibility of a WWII helmet being repainted for Vietnam era combat.
    I had a front seam the same lime green color without corking because it was stripped and repainted for VN.
    Anyway, I can not tell from your photos but it does appear to be post WWII and IF a US made helmet it would likely be VN or later.

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    But mine does not have letters in the heat stamp but instead it is just 8620. Again I was wondering if it was because of the era or because it was overstock. I am adding more pics hope they help. I can also make a video if it helps anyone age it right.

    M1 helmet real or fake?M1 helmet real or fake?

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    this is a 1960's onwards manufactured M-1 you cant date these types of M-1s any better then that im afraid.

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    Final production run......non US made shell,contracted by "RJ STAMPINGS" of Quebec.......

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    Default Re: M1 helmet real or fake?

    Yeah the only way I can probably tell the age is if I ask the seller how he acquired this helmet. I believe it is Vietnam because all the items I have acquired point to a soldier's standard issue items from the Vietnam era. Of course if anyone is interested in helping me confirm this just let me know. I believe I also have soldier's name written inside of a 1 quart bladder style canteen pouch(with canteen) but of course I can't confirm nor is there a way to confirm without a back story on the items. So thank you for your help and again if anyone would like to help me identify my items just let me know(through message or this thread).

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